Marco de Wit November 10, 2020

  Single guys: when choosing between a girl like this or a feminist, choose a girl like this. Signed, Every happily married man in the world — Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) September 25, 2020  

Marco de Wit October 16, 2020

  On the 14th July 1683, an Ottoman army under the command of the Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa Pasha arrived at the Gates of Vienna. Their arrival marked the beginning of a siege characterized by subterranean warfare, delays on both sides, and an “apocalyptic storm” of Tatar riders ravaging the hinterland. The siege was eventually […]

Marco de Wit October 12, 2020

  Of all the great strategy game universes Warhammer is the most politically incorrect.   Mankind has conquered the stars. And they ain’t pretty.     Xenophobia is a religion of the human empire.   Xenos must be exterminated. Destroy all the other races.   Plus the disgusting tolerant heretics that stand in your way. […]

Marco de Wit October 11, 2020

  StarCraft is one of the most popular strategy games in the world. It also includes many movie episodes. By joining them together you get a whole movie.   First an introduction to the StarCraft timeline.       Part I has been remastered but still contains quite primitive visuals.     Part II is […]

Marco de Wit October 10, 2020

  This far the Halo saga has not suffered much from political correctness.     If the video does not work then you can watch the movies separately.                                        

Marco de Wit October 9, 2020

  If Democrats win, The Mob Wins I’m voting RED to save America this November — Red Nation Rising (@RedNationRising) September 3, 2020        

Marco de Wit October 7, 2020

  SC reviews The Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) has had its fair share of fails so I decided to compile a NEW list of top 10 moments which left me and many others scratching our heads.      

Marco de Wit October 6, 2020

  Wired: It was a weapon of choice in the first World War, and these days, law enforcement uses a less potent recipe of tear gas to pacify a room or control a crowd. Discover what’s inside the sensory-attacking irritant that can be deadly if used at high concentrations.          

Marco de Wit September 28, 2020

  PraegerU: Has environmentalism become more than just a good faith effort to protect the Earth? Is it now tantamount to a religion? And if it is, is that a good thing or a bad thing? PragerU’s latest short documentary, hosted by Will Witt, explores the origins, agenda, and motives of today’s environmental movement. What […]

Marco de Wit August 27, 2020

  Of all the armies in WWII the Dutch army was by far the most cowardly.   Best example is the battle of Zeeland where the Dutch kept on fleeing and surrendering almost faster than the Germans managed attacking.   No wonder the Netherlands surrendered in five days.            

Marco de Wit August 26, 2020

    This is the story of the SS Charlemagne unit of Frenchmen who fought in the Battle of Berlin, 1945.   One of their heroic leaders, Henri Joseph Fenet survived the battle to witness the fall of the West and especially France. Imagine how he must have felt when he died in 2002.   […]

Marco de Wit August 25, 2020

  The political right and left are rooted in genetic differences between people. The center is being hollowed out by not having as much children as the right and left.   The withches (feminists) are multiplying and opening up the borders to xenos.   However, in the long run the right always wins because they […]