Marco de Wit May 21, 2021

  The Holy Crusade News is the only media that has fully exposed the Zionist agents Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.     Here New York Times interviewed Ghislaine Maxwell when it unsuccessfully tried to save her reputation.     The full interview.      

Marco de Wit May 21, 2021

  Oh, but its always an innocent accident when Israelis bomb hospitals.   THREAD: In their latest example of #MedicalApartheid & war crimes in Gaza, Israel has been deliberately targeting Gaza's healthcare system, which experts are warning will have disastrous effects for years to come. #GazaUnderAttack#ICC4Israel #UNInvestigateApartheid pic.twitter.com/afq7Q51JgY — BDS movement (@BDSmovement) May 20, 2021 […]

Marco de Wit May 16, 2021

  Mainstream media ignores even this.   [THREAD] How does 🇮🇱 and its Lobby in 🇺🇸 ensure complete impunity for its crimes? How does the Israel Lobby work to control the media narrative on Palestine? I spent 5 months undercover in DC’s Israel Lobby – we made a documentary series all about it. What did […]

Marco de Wit April 19, 2021

    Man who was pulled over for running a red light attacks NYPD officers with chemicals and Molotov cocktail MORE: https://t.co/QcfDPUyK7Q pic.twitter.com/uWbzlS65ls — RT (@RT_com) April 18, 2021      

Marco de Wit April 16, 2021

Draft 4.2. 22.4.2021 another diagram added and text improved. 13.5.2021 this article was integrated into the book: The Rationalist Manifesto. The Parasite Theory of History.      The Praxeological Theory of History   Methodological individualism Human groups do not act. Only individuals act. They choose and act with their free will. Thus laws of history […]

Marco de Wit April 13, 2021

  This article will be integreated into the article Jewish Geopolitical Master Plan. Part III.   Karl Marx and the Rothschilds The Rothschilds were again a step ahead. They run the money machine and understood how it made the whole economy unstable. They realized that the recurrent depressions would create strong opposition to their money […]

Marco de Wit April 12, 2021

  David McLellan’s book on Karl Marx is considered the standard biography. The first edition came out already in 1972 and several new editions have been published since.     The strange thing about the book is that it does not include any information of Karl Marx’s grandmother Nanette, who was the first cousin-in-law of […]

Marco de Wit April 7, 2021

     Globally increasing the quantity of money makes the business cycle even stronger and will lead to a global economic crash. Civil wars will create new White ethnostates unless the globalist alliance between elite Jews and minorities wins. If Whites win there will be peace and exponential economic growth. If not then statist democracy […]

Marco de Wit April 7, 2021

  Bakunin probably would have been even more critical if he had known that Marx’s grandmother Nanette Baren-Cohen was the first cousin-in-law of the richest man in the world, Nathan Rothschild. In fact, Nanette was probably invited to the wedding of her cousin Hannah Baren-Cohen and Nathan Rothschild.   Perhaps this also explains why Marx […]

Marco de Wit April 4, 2021

  Racism creates stress in black women so the diets do not work for them like they do for the White women.   I have no idea what I just sat through. Basically, eating the same healthy diet that keeps white women thin makes black women fat because…racism. pic.twitter.com/u9nfgiCrHK — John Cardillo (@johncardillo) April 3, […]

Marco de Wit March 30, 2021

  Robert Morris and Gouverneur Morris were key players in the American Revolutionary war and in the creation of USA. Stephen Girard was the richest man in America in the yearly 1800’s. How much did these three men have contacts with Jews? Here is one source:   COMMERCE AND CONNECTION: JEWISH MERCHANTS, PHILADELPHIA, AND THE […]