Marco de Wit July 16, 2021

  Do not disturb freedom riots.   guy defends looting a TV by saying it made him feel "free" collectively pic.twitter.com/kEL9dR87Io — pine_tree_riots (@pine_tree_riots) July 14, 2021    

Marco de Wit July 16, 2021

    On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to legendary film director Oliver Stone about his new film ‘JFK: Revisited: Through The Looking Glass’. He discusses JFK’s often over-looked campaigns for peace with the Soviet Union and Cuba prior to his assassination as well as work furthering civil rights, the details exposing an […]

Marco de Wit July 9, 2021

    ‼️ Finska tjejer stoppar migranter från att stjäla. pic.twitter.com/MTGiGFw997 — Exakt24 (@exakt24) June 30, 2021      

Marco de Wit July 7, 2021

  Ghislaine Maxwell grows up privileged before meeting Jeffrey Epstein: Part 1 The daughter of a billionaire media mogul, she was given jobs in her father’s businesses, including a soccer team and newspapers he owned.       Ghislaine Maxwell’s father implicated in pension fund scandal after his death: Part 2 Robert Maxwell died during […]

Marco de Wit July 3, 2021

  #France: The attempt of Islamist guys to sexually harass a little Asian girl and film it to show their friends… I get it that this is "their culture" – what I do NOT get is why we let them into our societies and accept this?#RapeOfEurope pic.twitter.com/N0H42OaOKe — ZionistCommand (@ZionistCommand) June 27, 2021     […]

Marco de Wit June 29, 2021

  Protesting & Calling Israel out for its crimes and oppression of Palestinians isn’t antisemitic. Protest protest protest Wow.. pic.twitter.com/vSRJ4MvjdC — Abier Khatib (@abierkhatib) June 20, 2021      

Marco de Wit June 26, 2021

  Juutalaisten omistamassa Hollywoodissa on saanut aina tehdä elokuvia, joissa silmittömästi tapetaan saksalaisia.   Nyt BLM-terroristien aikana repertuaari on laajentunut koskemaan kaikki valkoisia.   This Fall, We Ride 😈 Jonathan Majors, Idris Elba, Zazie Beetz, Regina King, LaKeith Stanfield, Delroy Lindo, Edi Gathegi, R.J. Cyler, Danielle Deadwyler and Deon Cole star in #THEHARDERTHEYFALL 🐎 pic.twitter.com/59vYrmijsB […]

Marco de Wit June 22, 2021

  Intro Part I Part II. Part III This part IV is the 1.3 draft version.   At the end of the First World War Germans and Austrians agreed to an armistice because they were certain that the Jews would help them to get lenient peace terms. Americans and Wasps might have even agreed but […]

Marco de Wit June 18, 2021

  Part III   Jewish Geopolitical Master Plan Part IV 1920-1939     This is draft 1.3 of part IV   After First World War the Wasps ruled the world through the American and British Empires. Rockefellers and Jews were the junior partners of this ruling elite. The Rockefellers were allowed to largely control the […]

Marco de Wit June 17, 2021

  This week, Chris has a Ghislaine Maxwell update! After a year on the lam, the judge in her case is hesitant to let her out on bond and her trial has now been pushed to later on in 2021. Ghislaine Maxwell has a few things to say about how she’s being treated in prison […]

Marco de Wit June 16, 2021

  Kick out the Americans!   An American convoy made a “wrong turn” and tried to go through the village of Farfara and the people were not happy. Convoy was rejected and turned around. pic.twitter.com/J2P9TsTngJ — Woofers (@N0tWoofers) June 15, 2021          

Marco de Wit June 12, 2021

  Google is evil.   Tucker Carlson Interviewing Google Whistleblower Taras Kobernyk, Who Was Fired For Questioning Woke Training Programs Tucker: "I hope you get another job that pays better and allows you the freedom to think for yourself, and I admire your bravery." pic.twitter.com/8R7UHTcY2K — The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) June 10, 2021  

Marco de Wit June 11, 2021

  The conservative government promised to stop this but still it continues.   As the authorities don’t want you seeing scenes like these👇🏻 an application for an injunction has just been served against 5 people who film at Dover. If success, which I’m sure it will be, those people will not be allowed to film […]

Marco de Wit June 9, 2021

  Eric Weinstein, managing director of Thiel Capital, talks about when he met Jeffrey Epstein and what his impression of him was at that time. This is from an interview Eric Weinstein did with the Rebel Wisdom Channel. I am currently writing a screenplay on this topic, and found this clip invaluable. I’m saving it […]

Marco de Wit June 9, 2021

  The Jewish Mark Zuckerberg is just doing what his Zionist masters want.   BREAKING: Project Veritas Obtains New Insider Tape Revealing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Top Executive Heidi Swartz Prioritize Punishing Truth Seekers Over Acknowledging Secret Censorship of ‘Actually True Events or Facts’#ExposeFacebook pic.twitter.com/4C2N3WWfBe — [email protected]🇺🇸 (@EricSpracklen) June 4, 2021  

Marco de Wit June 7, 2021

  Originally uploaded to The London Forum in 2015. If books have the power to change the world, the four books by Professor Kevin MacDonald, (California State University), ‘A people that shall dwell alone: Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy’, ‘Separation and its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Strategy of Anti-Semitism’, and ‘The Culture of Critique: […]