Marco de Wit March 5, 2021

  This article will be integrated into a much longer article: Jewish Geopolitical Master Plan   1860-65 The War Between the States The Jews had long supported slave trade and slavery in the Southern American States. The Democratic Party therefore had Jewish support even if Andrew Jackson had destroyed the Jewish backed central bank. At […]

Marco de Wit March 3, 2021

  THIS IS THE SECOND DRAFT VERSION   [Note to state prosecutors. This article analyses history. It does not claim that all Jews everywhere are responsible for the actions of some Jewish bankers and other elite Jews who have been able to lead many Jewish groups. When we are speaking about Jews we are referring […]

Marco de Wit March 2, 2021

    The Jewish Cuckoo story is the most important story ever told because it answers who rules over you. It is an illegal story because it is true. It threatens the ruling elite.   However, the story is only a part of the bigger story of the battle between Liberty and the State. But […]

Marco de Wit February 24, 2021

  Here you find the most important articles on the Jewish problem. They are so politically incorrect that only Holy Crusade News dares to publish them. In many countries you go to jail if you publish or share these. Truth is too dangerous for the ruling elite.         0. Laws of history […]

Marco de Wit February 23, 2021

    In his Culture of Critique trilogy professor Kevin MacDonald shows how many Jewish dominated intellectual movements have developed a culture of critique that undermines those ideas and values that protect White group interests. These intellectual movements include the Freudian psychoanalysis, Boazian anthropology, Marxism, the New York Intellectuals, Frankfurt School and even neoconservatism.   […]

Marco de Wit February 23, 2021

  This article is a draft version. It is part of the Litmus Test articles. See a more extensive discussion in Honesty Litmus Test: Ludwig von Mises.     Did Ludwig von Mises Defend the Jewish Money Machine?   At the heart of the Jewish Fatal Embrace is the money machine. It was not easy […]

Marco de Wit February 21, 2021

  Since biographies of the famous economist and libertarian Ludwig von Mises are very much hagiographical it is important to find more critical but still knowledgeable sources. Luckily Mises’ friend and most famous disciple, Friedrich August von Hayek does often mention Mises the man. Hayek had a lot of Jewish friends but was non-Jewish with […]

Marco de Wit February 20, 2021

    Draft chapter parts of which will be included in article: Honesty Litmus Test. Ludwig von Mises.   Stalin worked for the Rothschilds in strategically important Baku oil fields at their refinery storehouse. Stalin was also very useful as a union man and the representative of the Social Democratic Party and later the Bolshevik […]

Marco de Wit February 17, 2021

  Historians have long debated who is to blame for the First and Second World War. There is almost a consensus that all great powers share the blame for the First World War. A large number of historians – if not most – think that the Second World War was the consequence of the First […]

Marco de Wit February 16, 2021

  The stories of Sherlock Holmes take place when Western civilization was at its apex.   Whites were not afraid of anyone. Not even Jews.     The most faithful filmatization of the Sherlock stories was the Granada Television series starring Jeremy Brett.   However, they too censored many of the stories. For example, in […]

Marco de Wit February 12, 2021

  This is a draft chapter of a much larger article Honesty Litmus Test: Ludwig von Mises.   Despite its length the 2007 Mises biography has neither a timeline nor a family tree. This makes it virtually impossible for the reader to understand the large Mises family and its dynastic alliances. Hulsmann too gets confused […]

Marco de Wit February 12, 2021

  Putin did something the elite Jews can never forgive him.   Putin kicked out several Jewish oligarchs who had been looting the Russian economy.     Now the Jews are supporting Aleksei Navalny to attack Putin. Navalny is not even trying to hide the fact that he is financed and directed by Jews.   […]

Marco de Wit February 11, 2021

  DRAFT VERSION   The best example of the Fatal Embrace is the history of Poland. There the Jews had autonomy and more power than anywhere else because they became the caretakers of the estates of the king and aristocrats. In effect Jews became the middle men between the Polish and Ruthenian/Ukrainian native people and […]

Marco de Wit February 9, 2021

  This article is part of the Jewish Honesty Litmus Test series. Part I can be found from here. This second part will be integrated into the first part.   Honesty Litmus Test The biographical method is sometimes insufficient if the Jew has burned all his personal papers and hidden his past well. Then usually […]

Marco de Wit February 9, 2021

  Newsmax is excellent but of course it will not notice the fact that Hollywood is created and dominated by Jews.   Newsmax: Longtime actor, producer and director Antonio Sabato Jr. says he’s simply done with the ‘liberal’ bias in Hollywood which has led to opportunities being taken from him due to his outspoken support […]

Marco de Wit February 8, 2021

    In all of history there never has been a group like the Jews. It all started with the Babylonian captivity 600 BC. Jews became a Diaspora nation that learned to survive and keep together despite living among other nations. This was possible only because of their Talmudic culture that created high Jewish ethnocentrism. […]

Marco de Wit February 7, 2021

    This article is part of a series that studies if five famous Jewish libertarians used libertarianism to serve Jewish group interests.       Friedrich von Hayek (1899-1992) was a famous libertarian who belonged to the Austrian School of economics. In 1974 he received the Nobel Prize.     Read part I. Friedrich […]

Marco de Wit February 6, 2021

    In this series we test if, how and why the five most famous Jewish libertarians used libertarianism to serve Jewish group interests.       Milton Friedman has already been tested in two articles.           This article will study another famous Jewish libertarian, Ludwig von Mises.   [Completing all […]

Marco de Wit February 4, 2021

      How honest are the leading Jewish libertarians? Have Jewish interests been more important for them than liberty?       It is relatively easy to find the answer. All you need is to look at the writings of these leading Jewish libertarians and check whether they have denied or ignored the four […]

Marco de Wit February 3, 2021

  White history is both glorious and wimpish. It is glorious because Whites alone have been able to develop a great civilization with liberty and science. It is wimpish because Whites have let the extremist Jews to take over their civilization and turn it upside down. The White civilization is soon transformed into a concentration […]