Free speech December 12, 2021

  Interesting connection.   The Atlantic put out an article claiming child sex trafficking was a “fake” epidemic. In case you forgot what Ghislaine looks like, here’s a photo of her looking real cozy with Laurene Powell Jobs (Steve Job’s widow). Oh, and Laurene owns The Atlantic. pic.twitter.com/APty1j3FOI — BlokkiMedia (@BlokkiMedia) December 10, 2021   […]

Free speech November 30, 2021

  Holy Crusade News is the only media that has exposed Epstein-Maxwell pedoring’s many connections to Mossad and many other intelligence agencies. Unz.com published two HCN-article but would not publish the rest.     Fortunately some people are still studying the pedoring.   Today marks the start of Ghislaine Maxwell's trial, who may even be […]

Free speech November 17, 2021

  The Epstein specialist Whitney Webb now on Davos Class.   Rip 286 of @TFTC21 is live. I'm joined again by @_whitneywebb to discuss how the Davos class wants to securitize natural assets. https://t.co/6CyCt5aIo6 — Marty Bent (@MartyBent) November 16, 2021    

Free speech October 19, 2021

  Apollonian Germ: A fascinating section of “Daybreak”. Take away from it what you will. P.S. I don’t think this prediction is pro or anti-semitic. Nietzsche is just telling what he thinks will happen from as “objective” a standpoint as possible.            

Free speech October 17, 2021

  Cultural revolution started only in the 1960’s or more precisely after Kennedy assassination in 1963. Jews had orchestrated it with the Rockefellers and thus became very powerful also in America.   Thus the rock ‘n roll was not the cause of the cultural revolution. Jews did try to use it in counter culture but […]

Free speech October 14, 2021

  It never stops.   Smugglers Move Hundreds of Migrants Through South TX Ranch pic.twitter.com/HiTcugcUxv — Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) October 13, 2021      

Free speech September 18, 2021

  It’s so easy.   BREAKING: Just wrapped up a helicopter ride with Texas DPS at the international bridge in Del Rio, TX. What we saw was absolutely stunning. There are at least 10,000 migrants under the bridge who crossed illegally, and a constant stream of hundreds more crossing over. @FoxNews pic.twitter.com/IADqBzb3qn — Bill Melugin […]

Free speech August 27, 2021

  Is he a Jew? If not why does he not kill himself?   .@duqedu associate professor Derek Hook, who specializes in post-colonial theory & psychology of racism, says there is merit to the argument that “white people should commit suicide as an ethical act.” #CRT pic.twitter.com/yM7LttOf4D — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) August 26, 2021   […]

Free speech August 25, 2021

  Color revolutions are one the biggest weapons of the Zionists.   🚨 HOW TO IDENTIFY A COLOR REVOLUTION 🚨 pic.twitter.com/NsYJHU20H8 — Luna Oi! 🇻🇳 ¡ANTI-USAID ACTION! 🇨🇺 (@LunaOi_VN) July 12, 2021      

Free speech August 21, 2021

  Jews seems to have also organized the murder of prime minister Hendrik Verwoerd.   In the 60’s Israel had become so powerful that they assassinated JFK and tried to assassinate de Gaulle so obviously Verwoerd was also on the list.     Read more: The UNTOLD story of the Jewish role in the assassination […]

Free speech August 11, 2021

  Epstein has been sued by his victim.     So Bill Gates needs some damage control.   Sky News: Adoni Media Managing Director Leisa Goddard says she doesn’t know if Bill Gates’ “damage control” interview with CNN actually was that successful as it now “opens the book” on all the other “salacious gossip” surrounding […]

Free speech July 26, 2021

  A bit politically correct, but still interesting info.   Metatron: Let’s examine what the ancient sources actually say, without any filters nor weird agenda. Were there black people in Ancient Rome and Greece? How integrated were they? Were there black soldiers? Officers? What do the Romans and Greek themselves actually say?       […]

Free speech July 25, 2021

  The situation is fast being “corrected”.   This is incredible. Muslim woman complains that there are too many Finns in Finland 🇫🇮 pic.twitter.com/oLVyb0ORDm — Based Serbia (@SerbiaBased) June 9, 2021