Marco de Wit March 10, 2021

  Females should have not business in front line combat.   Politically correct promotions will destroy the US army.   Geezus pic.twitter.com/oyJd87LgAr — Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) March 8, 2021      

Marco de Wit February 11, 2021

  Is this picture true or manipulated?   Anyway it is obvious that pedophiles rule the world.      

Marco de Wit January 10, 2021

  Bettina Arndt exposes the successful feminist campaign to rein in male sexuality in her presentation to the International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI 2019) in Chicago.            

Marco de Wit January 1, 2021

    Olen normaalielämässä kohdannut neuvottomia katseita, koska en ole facebookissa ym. (Et edes instassa..?) pic.twitter.com/8pkeeyhgtw — Fort Saukkola II (@HeskethPrichard) December 31, 2020    

Marco de Wit December 28, 2020

  Russians still defend traditional values.   This is one reason why Western leftists have started to support USA and Nato which accepts even tranny soldiers.     Whatever you think about Putin at least he defends family values.                  

Marco de Wit December 26, 2020

  Courtney Reed: Welcome back to my channel! In this video I talk about 10 MAJOR red flags you guys should be looking out for in the woman in your life. I want you all to be in happy, healthy relationships and that’s often impossible if these things are happening. Of course, every person and […]

Marco de Wit December 25, 2020

  These women give new hope to all men!     Marriage coach Suzanne Venker talks with Bettina about the damaging effects on relationships of woke women’s unrealistic expectations.        

Marco de Wit February 23, 2020

  Everybody knows that Youtube promotes ignoramuses by giving them a huge audience. However, even more dangerous is the fact that at the same time Youtube actively discriminates against true experts.   This is because Youtube does not accept “hate facts”. If you are really educated and an expert your channel will be deleted if […]

Marco de Wit February 10, 2019

Ramzpaul: Roosh is one of the most famous, and controversial, relationship advice authors in the world today. Roosh’s most recent books include “Game” (seduction advice for men) and “Lady” (advice to women as to how to find the man of her dreams.)