Marco de Wit June 22, 2021

  Good lord 🤦🏻‍♀️ her gender changed by the hour??? 🙄 pic.twitter.com/mkgK4t4jG3 — Italia 🇺🇸 (@italia_patriot) June 21, 2021      

Marco de Wit June 16, 2021

  Critical theory is penetrating fat people.   This is how Critical Race Theory teaches people to think: badly. https://t.co/7EDrqKyKJC — James Lindsay, guy who Putin sits like (@ConceptualJames) June 15, 2021          

Marco de Wit June 7, 2021

  Jordan B. Peterson: These answers were also released early on thinkspot, so if you want an earlier view of these Q&A’s you can see them on thinkspot a few days early. Some of these questions have been edited for concision and grouped together in order to answer the broader topic.         […]

Marco de Wit May 26, 2021

  Very honest girl.   60 Minutes highlights transgender people who have decided to de-transition and I’m sure it won’t be seen as controversial in the least. pic.twitter.com/vetbQFe3Oo — (((Jason Rantz))) on KTTH Radio (@jasonrantz) May 24, 2021    

Marco de Wit May 23, 2021

  Very sick.   Imagine having a feminist mother?   What will this do to society?   The framing of this, “I have a white male son and I need to teach him not to be awful which clearly he will be because he’s a white male,” seems just designed to mess up a kid. […]

Marco de Wit May 18, 2021

  It is true that Israel is committing genocide of the Palestinians but this girl still does not make any sense.   What the fuck did I just watch 🤔🤦‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/mtWbdxXdYM — Art TakingBack 🇺🇸 (@ArtValley818_) May 17, 2021        

Marco de Wit May 16, 2021

  That’s how it goes!   Few More Items Knocked Off List Of Desirable Traits In Partner As Woman Turns Year Older https://t.co/fyJpsFQgEW pic.twitter.com/JY3zag3cyB — The Onion (@TheOnion) May 15, 2021        

Marco de Wit March 10, 2021

  Females should have not business in front line combat.   Politically correct promotions will destroy the US army.   Geezus pic.twitter.com/oyJd87LgAr — Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) March 8, 2021      

Marco de Wit February 11, 2021

  Is this picture true or manipulated?   Anyway it is obvious that pedophiles rule the world.      

Marco de Wit January 10, 2021

  Bettina Arndt exposes the successful feminist campaign to rein in male sexuality in her presentation to the International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI 2019) in Chicago.            

Marco de Wit January 1, 2021

    Olen normaalielämässä kohdannut neuvottomia katseita, koska en ole facebookissa ym. (Et edes instassa..?) pic.twitter.com/8pkeeyhgtw — Fort Saukkola II (@HeskethPrichard) December 31, 2020    

Marco de Wit December 28, 2020

  Russians still defend traditional values.   This is one reason why Western leftists have started to support USA and Nato which accepts even tranny soldiers.     Whatever you think about Putin at least he defends family values.