Marco de Wit August 14, 2021

  Meme by Carpe Donktum 😂 — NautPoso 🇮🇪 🚀 (@NautPoso) August 12, 2021        

Marco de Wit August 11, 2021

  Covid tyranny.   “We are trying to protect the vaccinated.”Lol – I thought the vaccine was supposed to do that! — Dr Lord Sir Dan of C, PHD, BA Hons, Gold Medalist (@sircofdan) August 10, 2021    

Marco de Wit August 8, 2021

    The inventor of mRNA tech is sounding the alarm. So why isn’t this headline news?   Just a reminder- the "Noble Lie" was 1) we need to get to herd immunity to get back to normal. 2) Universal (or at least 70% uptake) is how we get to herd immunity. 3) The vaccines […]

Marco de Wit August 8, 2021

  Some say get the shot or get shot. But what if you get the shot and you will be shot.   Remember – if you’re a liberal on Twitter, there are no rules. Lars here is wanting every unvaccinated American shot and killed. If any conservative tweeted this, it’d be an automatic, Immediate permanent […]

Marco de Wit August 6, 2021

  Mercola: We are at the crossroad where change is unavoidable. We all must make choices that determine our future. To many, this looks like a war… but what we need to find is peace. I am going to find peace through this sacrifice. Just to be clear, ALL my content will be removed. This […]

Marco de Wit August 4, 2021

  Hunting unicorns.   Army patrols hit the streets of Sydney to help enforce stay-at-home rules, as Australia struggles to stop the Delta variant from spreading — Reuters (@Reuters) August 2, 2021    

Marco de Wit July 31, 2021

  Many saw all this coming.   Last year this guy was called “crazy” Now everything he said is happening exactly as he said it would… — Melissa Tate (@TheRightMelissa) July 30, 2021        

Marco de Wit July 27, 2021

  More videos like this are needed.    

Marco de Wit July 25, 2021

  Intellectual cat fight over masks.   Triggered mask wanker. — 🤩🤩 Edwin 🌟🌟 (@EdwinVcity) July 24, 2021      

Marco de Wit July 23, 2021

  The president of Tanzania was soon killed after this speech.   Now this is something 🤔 President of Tanzania J Magufuli talking about a goat, bird and a Pawpaw tested positive for Covid19 after samples was sent to the lab under human names without scientists knowing. #lockdownextension#cyrilramaphosa#DuduzaneZuma#day41oflockdown — SouthAfrica2021 (@SouthAfrica2021) May 6, 2020 […]

Marco de Wit July 22, 2021

  If you give your little finger…   It's just a mask…It's just three weeks…It's just…. — SecondOpinion (@DaFeid) May 8, 2021    

Marco de Wit July 21, 2021

  Do not submit to Covid-tyranny!   Marion Lamb, a 95-year-old resident living in a retirement community, was being held against her will by the staff of the facility. The retirement home said she needed to be vaccinated, or she wouldn’t see her family again! FULL REPORT from @Kay_Whoa: — Rebel News (@RebelNewsOnline) […]

Marco de Wit July 18, 2021

  Topics Included -Covid 19 Myths 2 Preview -Ivermectin & Covid Patients -Rheumatoid Arthritis -Parasites -Varicose veins -STD’s -Do energy frequencies have an influence on human beings?   COVID-19 MYTHS PART 2: SPIKE PROTEINS, MAGNETIC ARMS & “VIRUS MIMICKERS” Date: Saturday, July 17th, 2021 Time: 2:00-4:00 pm Eastern USA Time          

Marco de Wit July 8, 2021

  In the early 2000’s there was still some critical thinking but it was soon swept away by the billionaires such as Bill Gates.