Marco de Wit March 8, 2021

  World Freedom Alliance: World Freedom Alliance demands an immediate release of Merike Sirelpuu. The Finnish police broke into the home of a woman entrepreneur with “suspicion of a coronavirus”, and forcibly retrieved her from her home to take a COVID-testing in Iisalmi. The shocking arrest happened in the presence of her 11 year old […]

Marco de Wit February 24, 2021

  Trump tried to stop the Covid hysteria but Big Media and Big Tech were too powerful.   #FireFauci — ilDonaldoTrumpo (@ilDonaldoTrumpo) February 23, 2021    

Marco de Wit February 17, 2021

  Mirror. Source World Doctors Alliance, [09.02.21 23:08] Firefighter tests oxygen levels with a variety of masks and proves they all restrict intake of oxygen to dangerous levels. This can be used as evidence to protect your rights.      

Marco de Wit February 8, 2021

  Why the Amish do not need vaccinations?   There are over a half million Amish but for some reason viruses do not seem affect them.   Why?        

Marco de Wit January 20, 2021

  Covid logic requires higher logic.   If elderly long term illness patient dies with covid test positive the reason is not the illness but covid. If elderly long term illness patient dies with covid vaccine given the reason is not the vaccine but the illness. 🤔 — Kauko (@Conserv65693068) January 19, 2021   […]

Marco de Wit January 15, 2021

  First Bill Gates helped computer viruses to spread all over the world.   Then he helped to various poisons masquerading as viruses to spread all over the world.   And now he is helping to inject us all with a new totally new experimental RNA-vaccine that operates in many ways like an operating system […]

Marco de Wit January 5, 2021

  Excerpt: There was and is no state of emergency, with hospitals or intensive care units overcrowded everywhere and seriously ill patients or dead people as far as one can see, in everyone’s immediate circle of acquaintances or even lying on the street, that would have given cause for a fundamental change in our lifestyle. […]

Marco de Wit December 24, 2020

  The history of viruses and bacteria from a virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka. Stefan Thomas Josef Lanka (born September 27, 1963, Langenargen, Lake Constance) is a German biologist. He studied biology at the University of Konstanz, where he submitted his diploma thesis in 1989 on virus infestations in marine brown algae. In 1994 he was […]