Free speech December 17, 2021

  Police state in action.   #BreakingNews multiple protesters against mandates were just arrested at Applebee's in queens NY for trying to order food at a vaxed only restaurants — Leeroy Johnson (@LeeroyPress) December 16, 2021    

Free speech December 5, 2021

  The whole world must be vaccinated with experimental gene therapy vaccines.   NOW – Biden's #COVID19 response team: "To protect the American people … we must ensure that the rest of the world gets vaccinated." — (@disclosetv) December 3, 2021      

Free speech December 3, 2021

  Long but very detailed discussion on the power of the false narrative.   "In Episode 92 we discuss how mislead the world is with all the narratives that are being pushed through the propaganda machine, and how everybody is purposefully being confused. We look at what the possible causes of disease can be…"#koronapassi #FixIt […]

Free speech November 30, 2021

  Nowadays men are cowards.   NEW ZEALAND- Jacinda gives you permission to pee at a friends house. This is because you have been really good little citizens. The infantilising of adults continues at pace. Because you are allowing it to!#Covid_19 #lockdown — Bernie's Tweets (@BernieSpofforth) November 29, 2021    

Free speech November 27, 2021

  Totalitarianism by Machivellian science.   🥤🍿 Watch this clip Covid and America's People Operating System. Governed by science.🔬 But what if the science is fake'd 🤥 or flaw'd? 👀 Michael Anton talking about Machiavelli back then, and here we are today — Adam Townsend (@adamscrabble) November 26, 2021      

Free speech November 24, 2021

  Zionists have been pushing new experimental Covid vaccines especially in Israel. Israel is now the most vaccinated country on earth. And the number of deaths just keep increasing.   ISREAL ADMITS almost all covid infections and deaths in VACCINATED. They acknewdge the 3rd shot caused "immuno erosion" JUST LIKE I TOLD YOU :) […]

Free speech November 22, 2021

  The tyranny is too much even for the police.   Is this for real? Just wonderful, wonderful news! It restores my faith in humanity against power drunk authoritarians exploiting this pandemic. — Jason Lepojärvi (@JasonLepojarvi) November 20, 2021    

Free speech November 13, 2021

  We definitely need more men like him.   A student at Western University is arrested after showing up to class unvaccinated, without a mask — Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) November 12, 2021        

Free speech November 13, 2021

    Is Pfizer putting profits above lives? Public Citizen, a non-profit organization says that Pfizer can stop countries from speaking about contracts, block vaccine donations, unilaterally change delivery schedules & demand public assets as collateral. Palki Sharma tells you more.        

Free speech November 10, 2021

    Se on kyllä erikoista, että kaikkialla muualla sairaalat täyttyvät rokotetuista, kun taas Suomessa sairaanhoitoa kuormittaa rokottamattomat. Näin ainakin, jos uskomme @lasleh​tosta, ja miksi emme uskoisi? — Edvard Vapaamieli (@edvpml) November 9, 2021    

Free speech November 5, 2021

    This woman is completely unhinged — Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) November 3, 2021  

Free speech October 30, 2021

  Contents must be a secret or otherwise Big Pharma would not have immunity from prosecution.   Very Powerful, Must Watch: “Were you properly informed about what is really going on? So, you are imposing a medical product on the Europeans citizens without them knowing what’s in these contracts” – MEP @CristianTerhes — 'Sikh […]

Free speech October 17, 2021

  Rare reasonable Democrat. Everybody else has a mask.   WATCH: Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe enters a packed restaurant without a mask, hugs people. — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) October 16, 2021