Marco de Wit February 3, 2021

  White history is both glorious and wimpish. It is glorious because Whites alone have been able to develop a great civilization with liberty and science. It is wimpish because Whites have let the extremist Jews to take over their civilization and turn it upside down. The White civilization is soon transformed into a concentration […]

Marco de Wit January 29, 2021

      In his Culture of Critique trilogy professor Kevin MacDonald showed how many Jewish dominated intellectual movements developed a culture of critique that undermine the very ideas and values that protect White group interests. These intellectual movements include Freudian psychoanalysis, Boazian anthropology, Marxism, the New York Intellectuals, Frankfurt School. Later MacDonald added to […]

Marco de Wit January 21, 2021

  Read part I  The Fall of Crak des Chevalier II The Fall of Margat and Tripoli. III The Fall of Acre   Crusader counter-attack The Crusaders had lost control of the mainland in 1291 (see Fall of Acre), and the dwindling Kingdom of Jerusalem had been relocated to the island of Cyprus. However, Templars still had […]

Marco de Wit January 20, 2021

  Read part I  Fall of Crak des Chevalier and II Tripoli.   Mameluks had now taken Crak des Chevaliers, Margat, Latakia and even Tripoli.     Mameluks had demolished almost all castles and walled cities they had taken from the crusaders in order to deter any attempts at recapture and, most of all, to […]

Marco de Wit January 19, 2021

  Historians are usually court historians, i.e. they serve the rulers.   No wonder the historians are very interested in critically studying the ruling elites of antiquity but not the modern ones.   But there are two exceptions: The Marxists and the Austrian school.   Unfortunately the Marxists concentrate on “laws of history” and do […]

Marco de Wit January 18, 2021

  Wikipedia: The earliest initiative for the First Crusade began in 1095 when the Byzantine Emperor, Alexios I Komnenos, requested military support from the Council of Piacenza in the Byzantine Empire’s conflict with the Seljuk-led Turks. This was followed later in the year by the Council of Clermont, during which Pope Urban II supported the Byzantine request for military assistance and also urged faithful […]

Marco de Wit January 16, 2021

  Table of contents: 1. Decentralization helps liberty 2. Voting with feet creates liberty 3. Aliens and businessmen help centralization 4. Jewish fatal embrace destroys liberty 5. Crusading Templars try to save liberty     1. Decentralization helps liberty The rise and fall of civilizations has always fascinated historians. For classical liberals/libertarians the reason for […]

Marco de Wit January 10, 2021

  TIK: “The Axis had overrun much of the western Soviet Union In 1942. And going off the available evidence, it appears that their economy was on the brink of collapse.”   Exactly! Without American material aid the Soviet Union would have collapsed.   So Hitler made a mistake when he declared war against America […]

Marco de Wit December 29, 2020

    In his Culture of Critique trilogy professor Kevin MacDonald shows how many Jewish dominated intellectual movements have developed a culture of critique that undermines those ideas and values that protect White group interests. These Jewish dominated intellectual movements include the Frankfurt School, Boazian anthropology, Freudian psychoanalysis, the New York Intellectuals, Marxism and even […]

Marco de Wit December 27, 2020

  It is sad but true: There is only war. Not only between states but also between individuals. Get over it and start acting accordingly. Be a Man.   Natural order vs. double standard We are all evolved to know what is true and what is right. We almost instinctively understand rationalism and the non-aggression […]

Marco de Wit December 25, 2020

    A sparkling gem made rough stone, the seat of political power in the Kingdom of Vale. Revolt foments among the patrician class and open gang war looms on the horizon. As the Argentine Tower plots revolution, a lone thief with a past as dark as Menuvia itself picks the wrong lock and opens […]

Marco de Wit July 9, 2020

  If Robinson and Friday get along they can start mutual exchanges. For example, Robinson can offer bananas in exchange of Friday’s oranges or work in repairing Robinson’s house. This mutually agreed upon exchange is called barter. It can be studied by catallactics that studies the formation of exchange ratios. These are determined by the […]

Marco de Wit July 8, 2020

  Wikipedia: The Pareto distribution, named after the Italian civil engineer, economist, and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto[1], is a power-law probability distribution that is used in description of social, scientific, geophysical, actuarial, and many other types of observable phenomena. Originally applied to describing the distribution of wealth in a society, fitting the trend that a large portion of wealth is held by a small fraction of the population[2], the […]

Marco de Wit June 29, 2020

    THE PRAXEOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS OF POLITICAL SCIENCE From Robinson Crusoe to The World State     Introduction The Austrian school of economics is based on praxeology which starts from the axiom of action and its categories. These serve as the praxeological foundations of epistemology and all social sciences. However, in practice the Austrian school […]