Free speech November 17, 2021

  The Epstein specialist Whitney Webb now on Davos Class.   Rip 286 of @TFTC21 is live. I'm joined again by @_whitneywebb to discuss how the Davos class wants to securitize natural assets. https://t.co/6CyCt5aIo6 — Marty Bent (@MartyBent) November 16, 2021    

Free speech October 29, 2021

  National socialists really are socialists though of the interventionist kind. So they are a step up from the communist socialism but still socialists.   Which means that the Nazi economy is weak and therefore especially weak militarily in long wars. It is of utmost stupidity to think that you can wage only blitzkriegs.   […]

Free speech October 17, 2021

  Dr. Edward Dutton claims that dysgenics has advanced so far that man cannot anymore travel to the moon or even operate Concorde. Here is an alternative explanation.   Mentour Pilot: On the 25th of July 2000 the world changed forever. With the first fatal crash of a Concorde since it first came into service, […]

Free speech June 22, 2021

  Intro Part I Part II. Part III This part IV is the 1.3 draft version.   At the end of the First World War Germans and Austrians agreed to an armistice because they were certain that the Jews would help them to get lenient peace terms. Americans and Wasps might have even agreed but […]

Free speech June 18, 2021

  Part III   Jewish Geopolitical Master Plan Part IV 1920-1939     This is draft 1.3 of part IV   After First World War the Wasps ruled the world through the American and British Empires. Rockefellers and Jews were the junior partners of this ruling elite. The Rockefellers were allowed to largely control the […]

Free speech June 7, 2021

  Originally uploaded to The London Forum in 2015. If books have the power to change the world, the four books by Professor Kevin MacDonald, (California State University), ‘A people that shall dwell alone: Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy’, ‘Separation and its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Strategy of Anti-Semitism’, and ‘The Culture of Critique: […]

Free speech May 27, 2021

  If rationalist philosophy is correct, it can be expressed also in exact formal terms.   Here is a draft outline for the formal deduction of rationalist ethics using praxeology.   This incomplete draft version is published so that the information can not disappear from the world before the final article is published.   Here […]

Free speech May 13, 2021

  The first draft. An excerpt from The Rationalist Liberty Manifesto   Everybody knows about the law of supply and demand that determines the price. But what if the law could be divided into two and applied to non-market situations such as the Robinson Crusoe economics and exploitative relationships such as robbery and institutionalizes exploitation, […]

Free speech April 21, 2021

  Introduction The Marxian theory of history is largely correct because it sees the state as exploitative. Marx plagiarized this idea from the classical liberals who emphasized the conflict between producers and exploiters. However, Marx bastardized the exploitation theory with an absurd labor value theory so that he could defend aggression. The traditional, correct pre-Marxist […]

Free speech April 20, 2021

    The Marxian theory of history is almost correct. It just has the wrong value theory. Thus the praxeological-libertarian theory of history is correct one. Here it is:   Praxeological idealism argues that history is the result of both material conditions and ideas. The material conditions including biology and human genes are primary in […]

Free speech April 16, 2021

Draft 4.2. 22.4.2021 another diagram added and text improved. 13.5.2021 this article was integrated into the book: The Rationalist Manifesto. The Parasite Theory of History.      The Praxeological Theory of History   Methodological individualism Human groups do not act. Only individuals act. They choose and act with their free will. Thus laws of history […]

Free speech April 13, 2021

  This article will be integreated into the article Jewish Geopolitical Master Plan. Part III.   Karl Marx and the Rothschilds The Rothschilds were again a step ahead. They run the money machine and understood how it made the whole economy unstable. They realized that the recurrent depressions would create strong opposition to their money […]

Free speech April 12, 2021

  David McLellan’s book on Karl Marx is considered the standard biography. The first edition came out already in 1972 and several new editions have been published since.     The strange thing about the book is that it does not include any information of Karl Marx’s grandmother Nanette, who was the first cousin-in-law of […]

Free speech April 11, 2021

    Rationalism: 1. Apriorism 2. Praxeology 2.1. Laws of logic 2.2. Laws of action 3. Epistemological dualism 4. Methodological trinity 5. Methodological individualism 6. Ethical laws 7. Social laws 8. Exploitation theory   Introduction The world is full of events. To connect and comprehend the meaning of atomistic facts we have to have a […]

Free speech April 7, 2021

     Globally increasing the quantity of money makes the business cycle even stronger and will lead to a global economic crash. Civil wars will create new White ethnostates unless the globalist alliance between elite Jews and minorities wins. If Whites win there will be peace and exponential economic growth. If not then statist democracy […]

Free speech March 30, 2021

  Robert Morris and Gouverneur Morris were key players in the American Revolutionary war and in the creation of USA. Stephen Girard was the richest man in America in the yearly 1800’s. How much did these three men have contacts with Jews? Here is one source:   COMMERCE AND CONNECTION: JEWISH MERCHANTS, PHILADELPHIA, AND THE […]

Free speech March 28, 2021


Free speech March 27, 2021

  The ancients understood politics. However, they did not know how to get out of the cycle because they did not yet understand libertarianism. They could not conceive that the state itself is the problem.   The same problem is in the constitution of the USA. In the long run balance of power never works […]