Marco de Wit April 21, 2021

  Introduction The Marxian theory of history is largely correct because it sees the state as exploitative. Marx plagiarized this idea from the classical liberals who emphasized the conflict between producers and exploiters. However, Marx bastardized the exploitation theory with an absurd labor value theory so that he could defend aggression. The traditional, correct pre-Marxist […]

Marco de Wit April 20, 2021

    The Marxian theory of history is almost correct. It just has the wrong value theory. Thus the praxeological-libertarian theory of history is correct one. Here it is:   Praxeological idealism argues that history is the result of both material conditions and ideas. The material conditions including biology and human genes are primary in […]

Marco de Wit April 16, 2021

Version III. Totally rewritten and doubled in length by explicating and adding very important cycle theories in 17.4.2021 20.4.2021 Diagram added. 22.4.2021 another diagram added and text improved.     Continued from Praxeology: The Ultimate Foundation of Epistemology   The Praxeological Theory of History   Methodological individualism Human groups do not act. Only individuals act. […]

Marco de Wit April 13, 2021

  This article will be integreated into the article Jewish Geopolitical Master Plan. Part III.   Karl Marx and the Rothschilds The Rothschilds were again a step ahead. They run the money machine and understood how it made the whole economy unstable. They realized that the recurrent depressions would create strong opposition to their money […]

Marco de Wit April 12, 2021

  David McLellan’s book on Karl Marx is considered the standard biography. The first edition came out already in 1972 and several new editions have been published since.     The strange thing about the book is that it does not include any information of Karl Marx’s grandmother Nanette, who was the first cousin-in-law of […]

Marco de Wit April 11, 2021

    Rationalism: 1. Apriorism 2. Praxeology 2.1. Laws of logic 2.2. Laws of action 3. Epistemological dualism 4. Methodological trinity 5. Methodological individualism 6. Ethical laws 7. Social laws 8. Exploitation theory   Introduction The world is full of events. To connect and comprehend the meaning of atomistic facts we have to have a […]

Marco de Wit April 7, 2021

     Globally increasing the quantity of money makes the business cycle even stronger and will lead to a global economic crash. Civil wars will create new White ethnostates unless the globalist alliance between elite Jews and minorities wins. If Whites win there will be peace and exponential economic growth. If not then statist democracy […]

Marco de Wit March 30, 2021

  Robert Morris and Gouverneur Morris were key players in the American Revolutionary war and in the creation of USA. Stephen Girard was the richest man in America in the yearly 1800’s. How much did these three men have contacts with Jews? Here is one source:   COMMERCE AND CONNECTION: JEWISH MERCHANTS, PHILADELPHIA, AND THE […]

Marco de Wit March 28, 2021


Marco de Wit March 27, 2021

  The ancients understood politics. However, they did not know how to get out of the cycle because they did not yet understand libertarianism. They could not conceive that the state itself is the problem.   The same problem is in the constitution of the USA. In the long run balance of power never works […]

Marco de Wit March 26, 2021

  Middle Ages represents a large-scale and long-lasting historical example of a stateless society and as such represents the polar opposite of the present, statist social order. Indeed, the Middle Ages, notwithstanding its many imperfections, can be identified as a God-pleasing—a gott-gefaellige—social order, whereas the present democratic state order, notwithstanding its numerous achievements, stands in […]

Marco de Wit March 23, 2021

  THIS IS THE SIXTH DRAFT (26.3.2021) Many pictures added.   This article is part of the Laws of History and especially the Jewish Cuckoo series of articles.       [Note to state prosecutors. This article analyses history. It does not claim that all Jews everywhere are responsible for the actions of some Jewish […]

Marco de Wit March 21, 2021

  Version 5. Rewritten and significantly updated with lists in 6.4.2021   Table of contents:   Introduction Methodological individualism Social laws Ethical laws Exploitation theory   A. Parasite theory of the state 1. The Jewish Problem 2. The ruling elite 3. The cycle of the rulers 4. Trend towards the world state 5. Trend towards […]

Marco de Wit March 15, 2021

    Part I Part II.     This part III is the sixth draft version updated 30.3.2021.   Democratic despotism The kings and Holy Alliance had stopped democratization in Europe but not in America where egalitarianism and democratization was proceeding fast. The state was becoming supreme. Only a few years after the creation of […]

Marco de Wit March 14, 2021

  Part VII   1200’s- Kings against the Pope and the Templars The crusades made Popes more powerful by creating various religious military orders like the Templars and the Hospitalers. It was the Templars who first created an honest European wide banking system. The Church dominated the university system, encouraged the development of philosophy and […]

Marco de Wit March 13, 2021

  See part I.   PART II. Draft version 6. (Significantly expanded with many new quotations in 29.3.2021)   1450’s- Corrupt Popes After the Babylonian captivity had tamed the Popes the Jews started to support relatively Philo-Semitic Popes, bishops and cardinals. This became ever more important after the Spanish Inquisition run by Spanish kings started […]

Marco de Wit March 13, 2021

  Practical psychology: In the “80/20 Principle: The secret to achieving More with Less” written by Richard Koch is a great book that analyzes the Pareto principle. Basically, it states that the majority of the effects are caused by the minority of the causes. Parkinson’s law is also very important in learning how to become […]

Marco de Wit March 7, 2021

    From the libertarian perspective democratic state is a cartel machine. It is run by ruling elite bankers who buy support with cartel privileges from three major corporate interest groups: Big business, Big Labor and Big Agro. How to break this corporate cartel especially since it buys support from the ordinary people with statist […]

Marco de Wit March 5, 2021

  This article will be integrated into a much longer article: Jewish Geopolitical Master Plan   1860-65 The War Between the States The Jews had long supported slave trade and slavery in the Southern American States. The Democratic Party therefore had Jewish support even if Andrew Jackson had destroyed the Jewish backed central bank. At […]

Marco de Wit March 2, 2021

    The Jewish Cuckoo story is the most important story ever told because it answers who rules over you. It is an illegal story because it is true. It threatens the ruling elite.   However, the story is only a part of the bigger story of the battle between Liberty and the State. But […]

Marco de Wit February 23, 2021

    In his Culture of Critique trilogy professor Kevin MacDonald shows how many Jewish dominated intellectual movements have developed a culture of critique that undermines those ideas and values that protect White group interests. These intellectual movements include the Freudian psychoanalysis, Boazian anthropology, Marxism, the New York Intellectuals, Frankfurt School and even neoconservatism.   […]