Marco de Wit January 2, 2021

  Android experts David & David tell you about the nine #Android #settings you should turn off immediately. These 9 simple #tips will help you save battery life by taking the load off of your Android phone’s processor, and help protect your personal privacy.   We recorded this video using a #Samsung #Galaxy #S10 running […]

Marco de Wit December 29, 2020

    We are not only poisoned by air pollution but also by 5G towers which have increased radiation pollution in many big cities.   But even that is not enough. We are also poisoned by many everyday toxins.      One of the worst toxins are PFAS chemicals.   Scientists have presented an incredibly […]

Marco de Wit December 7, 2020

  Globalists are winning on every front and its opponents are reeling under heavy blows of censorship, doxing, boycotts, harassment and outright violence.   How big is the opposition to globalism you might ask?   To answer that question you have to divide that opposition into passive and active opposition:   A. Passive opposition Passive […]

Marco de Wit October 11, 2020

  StarCraft is one of the most popular strategy games in the world. It also includes many movie episodes. By joining them together you get a whole movie.   First an introduction to the StarCraft timeline.       Part I has been remastered but still contains quite primitive visuals.     Part II is […]

Marco de Wit October 10, 2020

  This far the Halo saga has not suffered much from political correctness.     If the video does not work then you can watch the movies separately.                                        

Marco de Wit October 6, 2020

  Wired: It was a weapon of choice in the first World War, and these days, law enforcement uses a less potent recipe of tear gas to pacify a room or control a crowd. Discover what’s inside the sensory-attacking irritant that can be deadly if used at high concentrations.          

Marco de Wit February 9, 2019

  The first Senate bill of the year has taken on those who seek to boycott Israel over its treatment of Palestinians. In a complicated maneuver, the Senate has voted to allow states to boycott the boycotters. Is it a free speech/First Amendment issue? Supporters of the bill say no. Many civil libertarians disagree.   […]