Free speech November 25, 2021

      HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD: FREE PERSONAL SECRETARIES ORGANIZE GROUP BUYS       Economists often disagree but they all do agree that there are three economic systems:   1. Monopoly economy (Communism)   2. Cartel economy (Corporatism)   3. Free market economy     Historically a monopoly economy has been very […]

Free speech March 1, 2021

      Here you find the most important articles on the Parasite Theory of History and the Jewish problem. They are so politically incorrect that only Holy Crusade News dares to publish them. In many countries you go to jail if you publish or share any of these articles. Truth is too dangerous for […]

Free speech December 13, 2020

    Many believe that there is no such thing as a global Covid-19/Corona pandemic. These Covid skeptics usually base their claim on a virus hoax theory or/and a scamdemic theory.   VIRUS HOAX THEORY   Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) has never been isolated and therefore there is no proof that it even exists. In fact there […]

Free speech June 30, 2020

    [Note for the Finnish Attorney General: Court Jews, Jewish bankers and Zionists do not represent all Jews. Many of the books linked and cited here are in fact written by Jews themselves. Nor do the elite Jews and Israel Lobby represent all Jews.]     Introduction Only a few historians have dared to […]