Marco de Wit November 24, 2021

    Sky News host Andrew Bolt says Milo Yiannopoulos has gone from being one of the “most dangerous men in the Western world” to selling religious statues in an “amazing transformation”.   Back in 2019 the Morrison government banned Mr Yiannopoulos from doing another tour in Australia after comments he made following the Christchurch […]

Marco de Wit September 29, 2021

  Mel introduces a completely new way to find how Islam evolved, this time the theological prohibition of images. His solution? Simply follow the art and you can see how Islam changed in its views on imagery. To begin with Islam, according to the Standard Islamic Narrative (SIN), from the time of the prophet Muhammad […]

Marco de Wit December 29, 2020

    The conservative movement has been under attack for a long time not only by liberals but also by neoconservatives. This has led to the situation where the true conservatives, paleoconservatives have been branded racists and expelled from conservative publications and circles.   Luckily most of the prominent paleoconservatives and their new intellectual alt-right […]

Marco de Wit December 23, 2020

  No wonder the republican senate leader Mitch McConnell betrayed president Trump. McConnell is deeply tied to China.       There are even humorous rumors that McConnell might be selling Kentucky to the Chinese….    

Marco de Wit December 20, 2020

  The “citizenist” science blogger, Steve Sailer is famous for noticing politically incorrect things. He has influenced many conservatives with his insights into the minds of SJWs, wokes and demoncrats.     However, at the same time he refuses to notice the coup d’etat against Trump while at the same time demanding extensive lockdowns that […]

Marco de Wit August 1, 2020

    Steve Sailer is a famous blogger who writes about human biodiversity. He is the most popular writer at de facto alt-right headquarters, In his article Jewish Privilege Sailer notes the enormous power of the Jews throughout history. However, then he writes this (emphasis added): There’s nothing terribly scandalous about this old news. […]

Marco de Wit September 12, 2019

  Steve Sailer is one of the most famous conservative bloggers in alternative media.   Sailer is especially famous for noticing politically incorrect things. However, for some reason he does not seem to notice that Epstein is an obvious Mossad agent.