Marco de Wit March 1, 2021

  Many have wondered why even many small European countries have opened up their borders.   Perhaps one reason is that their leaders do not feel any responsibility for the future generations.   After all, they do not have children.      

Marco de Wit February 19, 2021

  Typical Limbaugh hater.   Rush Limbaugh haters be like: — Vince Dao (@thevincedao) February 18, 2021    

Marco de Wit February 16, 2021

    Check your privilege.       SCOOP: The principal of East Side Community School in New York sent white parents this "tool for action," which tells them they must become "white traitors" and then advocate for full "white abolition." This is the new language of public education. — Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ […]

Marco de Wit January 14, 2021

  Another angle, damn is she based!! Chuck Schumer even got the Hitler/Nazi parallels biz. 🤣🤣 — CIA-Simulation Warlord 🇺🇸🦈🇺🇸 (@zerosum24) January 12, 2021        

Marco de Wit January 13, 2021

  Lin Wood has been threatening to expose the international pedophile ring.   Wikipedia has a nice intro:   At the end of December 2020, Wood launched a series of baseless allegations on Twitter: he implied that Chief Justice John Roberts was involved in the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, suggested that Roberts was a child trafficker, declared that […]

Marco de Wit January 6, 2021

    Excerpts: Most of Disney Plus’s subscriptions were from loss leaders and giveaways like the Verizon deal but the Return of Luke generated NEW subscriptions.  Disney hasn’t released any numbers but the execs at Fort Mickey were doing cartwheels and handstands when they saw them. Disney is in hideous financial shape due to Covid-19. On […]