Marco de Wit September 9, 2021

  So senile.   Joe Biden on tornadoes: "…they don't call them that anymore…" — Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) September 7, 2021    

Marco de Wit September 3, 2021

  Is it not obvious?   Claim: Say Joe Biden is a pedophile. — Ed Falcon (@falconed62) August 26, 2021            

Marco de Wit September 2, 2021

  Indians suffer from discrimination. It just never ends. — sloane (sîpihkopiyesîs) (@cottoncandaddy) August 31, 2021      

Marco de Wit August 28, 2021

  Maybe wokeism is not that good business after all.   Vice Media Makes New Round of Layoffs in Digital Group, Refinery29 via @variety — Benny (@bennyjohnson) August 27, 2021    

Marco de Wit August 18, 2021

  The world has gone so insane that it is difficult to be sure if this is a real news or Babylon Bee satire.      

Marco de Wit August 17, 2021

    Biden luki 20 min teleprompteria. Kaikki epäonnistumiset muiden syytä. Ei ottanut kysymyksiä ollenkaan. 🤷🏻‍♂️ — Heikki Ketola (@HeikkiUutiset) August 16, 2021  

Marco de Wit August 15, 2021

  … the advert dives straight in with a vaccine appointment. Digital Identification, the Mark, it is here, it is among us. Unless we collectively say — Darren of Plymouth 🇬🇧 (@DarrenPlymouth) August 14, 2021      

Marco de Wit August 10, 2021

  Now preferences are identities which erase biology.   The worst one yet. — Ian Miles Cheong @ (@stillgray) August 9, 2021          

Marco de Wit August 7, 2021

  Are non-binary insane?   “Trans women are women!” Radical trans activists gather outside Downing Street in London. They read off a list of demands for the government that include allowing children to have medical sex/gender intervention without parental consent. — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) August 6, 2021  

Marco de Wit August 2, 2021

  Disgusting but typical satanist SJW.   Who would have guessed that man who wears multicolored “child-attracting” hair/beard, has an IG full of pics with kids and wears a t-shirt saying “Love has no gender, religion, sexuality…”blah blah would be arrested for abusing kids? — Miss Jo (@therealmissjo) July 29, 2021     […]