Marco de Wit November 29, 2021

  Professor Sam Vaknin: Weak people terrify me. Weakness of character is indistinguishable from evil. The weak are suggestible, malleable, mutable and, therefore highly unstable, unreliable, and untrustworthy. People pleasing and an inability to say “no” even to the most degrading offers and demands lead the weak to reckless, disgraceful, and antisocial acts. They are […]

Marco de Wit November 28, 2021

  Great Christmas gift!   Wear your support for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks from Save 20% with code WLFriday Check out the new gift ideas 🎁 — WikiLeaks Shop (@WikiLeaksShop) November 26, 2021      

Marco de Wit November 27, 2021

  Pretty good gift list but the masses could not care less.   Need a gift idea? Here are six books that expanded my brain: #BlackFriday — John Stossel (@JohnStossel) November 26, 2021        

Marco de Wit November 26, 2021

  Truth is too much for the mainstream media.   Mom: don’t get political at dinner Me after three beers: — crypto lefty🌹 (@leftyinvests) November 25, 2021    

Marco de Wit November 26, 2021

  Where do you land on the Bug Out / Survival Bag? We feel 3 days doesnt cut it…. With water and shelter anyone can last 72 hours. We feel planning for a 2-3 week emergency makes more sense!          

Marco de Wit November 25, 2021

      HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD: FREE PERSONAL SECRETARIES ORGANIZE GROUP BUYS       Economists often disagree but they all do agree that there are three economic systems:   1. Monopoly economy (Communism)   2. Cartel economy (Corporatism)   3. Free market economy     Historically a monopoly economy has been very […]

Marco de Wit November 19, 2021

  Very good old style judge.   “No one from MSNBC News will be permitted in this building.” Judge Schroeder bans MSNBC journalists from the courthouse after reports that they followed the Rittenhouse jury bus. — 🧢מאק (@beingrealmac) November 18, 2021     Breaking: Left-wing news network @MSNBC banned from being in the #Rittenhouse […]

Marco de Wit November 18, 2021

  Totally normal. The defence has been given a video that is much lower quality and therefore it more difficult to see how Rittenhouse just defended himself against an attack.   Video Provided To The Defense Vs. The Prosecution's Copy — The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) November 17, 2021      

Marco de Wit November 14, 2021

    Are you a frequent flyer? Are airlines’ first-class service more frustrating than fulfilling? You can charter a jet, but the greatest freedom comes when you own one. Before you buy, though, you should consider whether the investment is truly justified. In this video, we look at the real cost of owning a private […]

Marco de Wit November 13, 2021

  We definitely need more men like him.   A student at Western University is arrested after showing up to class unvaccinated, without a mask — Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) November 12, 2021        

Marco de Wit November 8, 2021

    A wonderful A.I. enhanced and colourized film about old London a century ago. The duration of this film is 10 minutes. All the famous points of interest come into focus in this very old film. Here is the time line: 00:00 Victoria station 00:20 Old St Andrew Church down Ashley Place 00:30 Roman […]

Marco de Wit November 7, 2021

  FBI is so obviously politicized.   FBI and Southern District of New York Raid Project Veritas Journalists’ Homes — Eric Spracklen🇺🇸 (@EricSpracklen) November 5, 2021   Now they are going after O’Keefe personally.   JUST IN – FBI raids Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe's home in New York over Biden daughter's diaries. — […]

Marco de Wit November 4, 2021

  Sky News host Paul Murray says you could “see how excited CNN was” with having to report a Republican won the Virginia governor’s race. It comes as Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin has pulled ahead to win the race for Governor of Virginia against opponent Democrat Terry McAuliffe.    

Marco de Wit November 3, 2021

  “Why I Began Questioning HIV” from the House of Numbers Deluxe Edition.   Five people (Below) provide their account of why they began to question the HIV = AIDS = Death medical model:   Dr. Kary Mullis Dr. Rodney Richards Neville Hodgkinson Dr. Christian Fiala Rian Malan      

Marco de Wit November 2, 2021

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer argued that stupid people are more dangerous than evil ones. This is because while we can protest against or fight evil people, against stupid ones we are defenseless — reasons fall on death ears.   Bonhoeffer’s famous text, which we slightly edited for this video, serves any free society as a […]