Marco de Wit March 4, 2021

  Invicta: I relied quite heavily on the research of Jon Peterson and his book “Playing at the World”. For anyone interested in this topic I highly recommend it as he does a fantastic job making the topic detailed yet accessible. Please use this link: for any purchases as I do see a cut […]

Marco de Wit March 3, 2021

  THIS IS THE FIRST DRAFT VERSION   It is a very simple story. The Jews have a culture that is hostile towards Gentiles. Therefore they refuse to assimilate and start to play the Europeans against each other. By taking sides in European conflicts they could leverage their power and steer European history towards statism […]

Marco de Wit March 2, 2021

    The Jewish Cuckoo story is the most important story ever told because it answers who rules over you. It is an illegal story because it is true. It threatens the ruling elite.   However, the story is only a part of the bigger story of the battle between Liberty and the State. But […]

Marco de Wit March 2, 2021

  Over thousand years historians have debated why Rome fell. Some look at culture, some at economy and others at biology. Perhaps they are all right.   All agree that morals weakened. Family values were gradually abandoned especially in the White upper classes. This lead to the fall in the birth rate.   Then there […]

Marco de Wit February 28, 2021

  Ayaan Hirsi Ali and I discuss, among other topics, immigration, the changing safety of women in public (particularly in areas of Europe), clashing values of western cultures and Islam, win-win propositions, and many more career-ending topics.            

Marco de Wit February 27, 2021

  #CPAC #AmericaUncancelled — William Turton (@WilliamTurton) February 26, 2021      

Marco de Wit February 25, 2021

  Bobby Fischer Against the World is a documentary feature film that explores the life of chess Grandmaster and 11th World Champion Bobby Fischer.[1] It incorporates interviews with chess players Anthony Saidy, Larry Evans, Sam Sloan, Susan Polgar, Garry Kasparov, Asa Hoffmann, Friðrik Ólafsson, Lothar Schmid and others. It includes rare archive footage from the World Chess Championship 1972.[2][3] Liz Garbus began her work on the film after Fischer’s death in 2008 at […]

Marco de Wit February 17, 2021

  Sgt. 1st Class Steven Mason is a jungle-warfare instructor for the 25th Infantry “Tropic Lightning” Division in Hawaii. Here, he reacts to 10 memorable scenes from jungle-warfare movies and rates them based on their accuracy.   Mason reviews classic Hollywood movies such as “The Thin Red Line” (1998), “Platoon” (1986), “Tears of the Sun” […]

Marco de Wit February 16, 2021

  One of the best conservative delightful movies based on a story by Mark Twain.   As part of a bet, two aristocrats offer a penniless American (Gregory Peck) a loan, without telling him that the amount is £1,000,000 in the form of a single banknote.   The Million Pound Note (1954) Studio: Group Film […]

Marco de Wit February 15, 2021

  During the Victorian times Western civilization was at its apex.   How can we bring those glorious days back? With counter-revolution. No mercy!     It will be an ugly business but meanwhile you can enjoy the Victorian times by watching Sherlock Holmes.   The best Sherlock series is naturally the politically incorrect version […]

Marco de Wit February 15, 2021

  Very low budget movies are made more and more. This is great news. In ten years you can make a very good quality movie with very low budget and we do not have to care anymore about Jewish Hollywood.   Presenting New Hollywood Action Movies 2018 (English Movies 2018 Full Movie, Super Action Movie […]

Marco de Wit February 14, 2021

  Sandhroman history: From the 14th to the 17th century the star fortress became ever more important for siege warfare. Engineers and tacticians developed fortresses that were more elaborate and more solid than ever before. As a result, siege warfare reached an immense level of complexity. Throughout the middle ages, high and relatively thin walls […]