Marco de Wit

Marco de Wit December 20, 2020

  The famous “citizenist” science blogger, Steve Sailer is famous for noticing politically incorrect things. He has influenced many conservatives with his insights into the minds of SJWs, wokes and demoncrats.     However, at the same time he refuses to notice the coup d’etat against Trump while at the same time demanding extensive lockdowns […]

Marco de Wit December 19, 2020

  Antifa keeps on building their “autonomous” garbage dumps in the middle of big cities.   Fortunately this time the Seattle police did their job.   Mainstream media is silent but luckily Andy Ngo again has the best info.   Seattle Police & a large crew went in to dismantle the antifa autonomous zone at […]

Marco de Wit December 17, 2020

  We never hear what goes on inside the Supreme Court deliberations.   Until now.   TEXAS ELECTORAL COLLEGE: "The Justices went into a closed room…When Texas case was brought up he said he heard screaming through the walls as Justice Roberts and the other liberal Justices were insisting…afraid of what would happen if they […]

Marco de Wit December 15, 2020

  Incredible. Google has now started to censor political blogs especially IF they provide good info on the US election fraud.   Of course, you will be even more certainly censored if your blog is alt-right and rationalist like Vox Day blog.   The fact that Vox Day blog is gentleman like and highly intelligent […]

Marco de Wit December 15, 2020

  Wikileaks has been revealing government and Big Business corruption for years.   However, it has done so step by step always revealing only parts of its information.   Now that Assange is in danger of being shipped to America Wikileaks has decided to publish all its info.   Many people are very excited. Here […]

Marco de Wit December 15, 2020

  Couple of days ago Holy Crusade News reported on the PC Woke Santa who denied a little boy his nerf gun dream.   Now NRA Santa has come to the rescue.     Little Michael was understandably upset when told by “Mean Mall Santa” that he could not have a Nerf Gun for Christmas. […]

Marco de Wit December 15, 2020

  The British Daily Mail used to be a populist newspaper but now it is supporting Antifa terrorists.           Media frames photo to make the attacker look like the victim. — Roosh (@rooshv) December 14, 2020      

Marco de Wit December 14, 2020

  In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.       Read more: Racist or Holy Universe: Warhammer 40 000 – Holy Crusade News    

Marco de Wit December 13, 2020

    Many believe that there is no such thing as a global Covid-19/Corona pandemic. These Covid skeptics usually base their claim on a virus hoax theory or/and a scamdemic theory.   VIRUS HOAX THEORY   Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) has never been isolated and therefore there is no proof that it even exists. In fact there […]

Marco de Wit December 11, 2020

    Assange and Snowden are no truthers. In fact, they have helped to protect the official lies about 9/11 and Holohoax.   Some even say that both Assange and Snowden were CIA/Mossad fronts and honeypots for true dissidents.   However, even if that were true they have tremendously helped reveal government surveillance and corruption. […]

Marco de Wit December 11, 2020

  Newsmax: Michael Decarlo, joined by his mom Sabella and dad Mike Sr., is a 4 year old Illinois boy who was denied a wish for a Nerf gun by a local mall Santa in a viral video which caught wind by every major news organization. The family speaks to Newsmax TV’s Grant Stinchfield about […]

Marco de Wit December 9, 2020

  Major activity in the election litigation world with new electoral fraud filings at the United States Supreme Court. Ted Cruz offers to argue Pennsylvania case in front of SCOTUS. Texas files suit against four states over their election conduct. Democrats respond and oppose grants of certiorari. And more! Join defense lawyer Robert F. Gruler […]

Marco de Wit December 7, 2020

  Globalists are winning on every front and its opponents are reeling under heavy blows of censorship, doxing, boycotts, harassment and outright violence.   How big is the opposition to globalism you might ask?   To answer that question you have to divide that opposition into passive and active opposition:   A. Passive opposition Passive […]

Marco de Wit December 7, 2020

    I’m absolutely convinced that this is the largest voter fraud and election theft in American history. I will object to the Electoral College vote certification in the House to protect our Republic from the Socialist Democrat take over. Watch my fiery interview on @newsmax TV! — Mo Brooks (@RepMoBrooks) December 6, 2020 […]

Marco de Wit December 6, 2020

  Declaring an epidemic or a pandemic is very serious business. It not only destroys civil rights and destroys the economy but also enables the ruling elite (U$Srael) to enslave us all under a global police state.   So is it too much to ask to first make sure:   The virus exists. It is […]

Marco de Wit December 5, 2020

  Recently two nationalist rockstars, Edward Dutton and Steve Sailer discussed HBD and the American elections in the Jolly Heretic Show. Viewers were shocked to notice that both are defeatists and believe in MSM and Big Tech ridiculous propaganda about the elections. However, all this naivety and defeatism might not be that surprising since unlike […]