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    “But many white evangelicals see vaccination not as a mandate of their faith but as a matter of personal conscience. It’s between them and their families, them and their health care provider, or them and God.”

    “To learn more from Dr. DeWitt, watch the video”

    8 March 2021 “around 989,000 Israelis over the age of 16 have yet to receive a single dose of a coronavirus shot. Approximately 382,000 of them, or 39 percent, are Arab Israelis, although they constitute only 21% of the country’s population.”

    “The Muslim holiday of Ramadan is set to begin in early April, meaning Arab Israelis had a critical window in which to get vaccinated”

    ““For the last two to three weeks, there’s been a fall in cases in Israel, including among the ultra-Orthodox. At the same time, we see a rise in Arab society — especially among younger people who aren’t getting vaccinated,” said Bisharat.”

    Sep. 2, 2021 “The number of confirmed COVID cases in Israel’s ultra-Orthodox ”

    “The 10 Israeli towns with the lowest vaccination rates — together amounting to tens of thousands of residents — are all Bedouin towns in southern Israel, according to Health Ministry figures, most of them unrecognized.” “About 60% of Israel’s Bedouin population — some 175,000 people — live in unrecognized villages.” “The Israeli government, which considers such villages illegal” ““There’s enormous distrust between people and the state institutions,”” ““Remember, these are people who have seen home demolitions and mistreatment for decades. There are rumors running wild — that they want to sterilize us and get rid of us.””

    April 22, 2021 “many stay informed by dialing ultra-Orthodox telephone news hotlines called nayes. Anonymous hotlines began cropping up, with prerecorded announcements warning against the COVID-19 vaccine and sharing anecdotes that claimed, without evidence, that people who got their shots had died.”

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