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  1. November 25, 2021🩸🇦🇺🩸"Australia will deploy more than 100 police and military personnel to aid the Solomon Islands"🩸🇸🇧🩸 says:


    “The deployment of Australian personnel comes amid reports and images shared on social media showing crowds of protesters and burning buildings in the Chinatown district of Honiara.”🇨🇳


    “Honiara is under lockdown conditions after violent protests.” “Fresh protests broke out in the capital on Thursday, with smoke seen rising from Honiara’s Chinatown district.”

    “The unrest relates to anger over government services, corruption, and disputes over Solomon Islands government’s move to more closely align itself with China.”🇨🇳


    “Solomon Islands had previously been among only a handful of countries with diplomatic ties to Taipei rather than Beijing — a significant proportion of which are in the South Pacific.”


    “Taiwan spent about $US105 million in Solomon Islands in 2011-17 compared to Australia’s $US1.15 billion”

    “In an exclusive interview with the ABC, the United States’ Ambassador to Solomon Islands said it was “deeply disappointed” by the decision to “abandon Taiwan” while raising concerns that tensions between Taiwan and mainland China could disturb the status quo.”

    “Owing China: Are Beijing’s big loans to poor nations a boon or a debt trap?(Sean Mantesso)”


    Fri 16 Nov 2018 ‘Debt-trap diplomacy’ “Experts warn Beijing is using bad loans as a form of entrapment, allowing the nation to gain influence and power across the world.”

    “China offers concessional loans for large-scale infrastructure projects” “But if countries fail to pay them back, Beijing can start making demands” “Several of Australia’s neighbours in the Pacific have large Chinese loan debts” “This process is known as debt-trap diplomacy.”


    “They are supporters of the country’s opposition, which has criticised a shift in Honiara’s diplomatic allegiance from Taiwan to China”🇨🇳

    “The Solomon Islands Herald reported that protesters later looted and damaged shops in Honiara’s Chinatown, and marched to the Chinese embassy. Beijing opened an embassy in Honiara in September 2020, after the Solomon Islands shifted its diplomatic ties from Taiwan to mainland China.”🇨🇳


    Hon Scott Morrison MP, Liberal Party of Australia, born 13.5.1968, Sydney, Australia.🇦🇺


    “The embassy of China in Honiara is located at Mendana Avenue.” “Mr Li Ming, Ambassador”


    “Biography of Ambassador LI Ming”
    “1995-2000 Desk Officer, Attaché, Protocol Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)”
    “2000-2004 Vice Consul, Consul, Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Toronto”
    “2004-2013 Second Secretary, Deputy Director, Director, Department of North American and Oceanian Affairs, MFA”
    “2013-2016 Counselor, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Australia”
    “2016-2020 Counselor, Deputy Director General, Department of North American and Oceanian Affairs, MFA2
    “2020- Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China to Solomon Islands”
    “Married with a son.”

  2. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-11-26/africa-travel-restrictions-imposed-over-new-covid-19/100652438
    “Officials characterised the variant, which has double the number of mutations as the currently dominant Delta variant, as the “worst one yet”.
    “What we do know is there’s a significant number of mutations, perhaps double the number of mutations that we have seen in the Delta variant,” Britain’s Health Minister Sajid Javid said.”
    “And that would suggest that it may well be more transmissible and the current vaccines that we have may well be less effective.””

  3. 🩸🇸🇧🩸"Solomon Islands unrest leaves three people dead in Honiara Chinatown"✝️✝️✝️ says:

    Nov 28, 2021 “Solomon Islands police found three bodies in a burned-out building and arrested more than 100 people in this week’s violence sparked by concerns about the Pacific nation’s increasing links with China.”🇨🇳

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