Marco de Wit September 15, 2021


The Maus tank was meant to break the lines. This is why only a few dozen were planned to be built. Totally rational.




Good overview about the rational plans of Hitler. He was not a madman but a very intelligent man. However, he was a socialist and thus destroyed the German war effort.



It is usually stated that ‘Madman Hitler’ wasted a load of resources and production capacity building the German heavy and super-heavy tanks in WW2. When we consider the oil crisis, and the fuel and logistical situation, this seems self-evident: Hitler must have been insane to build massive tanks at a time when he knew there was a lack of fuel (either that or the oil crisis narrative is wrong)!


But is this really the case? Well, here in this video I’m going to defend my stance on the Axis oil crisis narrative, and explain why the initial reasons for building the German heavy and super-heavy tanks were justified (even if they later proved to be stupid in hindsight).








1 thought on “MAUS! Was Hitler right to build the super-heavy tanks of WW2?

  1. Hitler was right. American people will always remain enemies of finnish people. We will drive out our american enemy in the end.

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