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  1. Oh. But Israel is our greatest ally. We must fight for Israel. We must die for Israel!! Do not speak ill about Israel!!?! American are such pathetic, criminal and sick people.

  2. https://gab.com/thisislaurat/posts/106856320826027207

    “Afghans who worked for the British military and UK government will be able to move to the UK permanently, the Home Office has announced.”

    “Why? Why do thousands of Afghans and their families have to be given permanent residency in Britain? Does this mean they’re “just as British as us” now? Why don’t they get relocated to a closer country where they’re more ethnically and culturally matched? Why don’t they return home and fix their own country once it’s safe to do so? What benefit is this to the British people?”


    “The UK evacuated more than 8,000 people eligible for the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy from 13 August.”

    “But Labour said more needed to be done for the many Afghans whose lives were still at risk after being left behind.”

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