1 thought on “Canada’s Equality Minister Refers to Taliban as “our brothers”

  1. American are just bunch of war criminals that deserve to get shot and blown up without legs when they go to do all their war crimes. They are just realizing that the whole world hates the american people. Theres not a single country on the earth that would like to have american people around. Just disgusting and criminal people, that are proud to be criminal and sick. In matter of years the american-zionist empire will collapse and american people start to pay back for all the crimes that they have committed. There wont be any U-S-A, we will be talking about just a tiny piece of land with nothing on it. Everything will be owned by their former victims that from whom they stole from, massacred, tortured, occupied and threatened.

    You can see how american people are starting to realize that everybody hates them, they are loosing their empire and power over their slaves. Everybody will learn real history where american people were just sick and criminal parasites.

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