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1 thought on “DAILY VIDEO: DeSantis vs. Lockdowns


    July 12, 2021 “Posted by Laura Towler”: “On the weekend of Friday 9th – Sunday 11th July, Patriotic Alternative supporters visited the Peak District in Derbyshire for our yearly national camp and hike. Last year, the event was attended by 70 people, however this year we had more than doubled in size as over 150 attendees joined us for a weekend of camping, outdoor cooking and hiking.”

    “Stay #PeakDistrictProud and Respect, Protect”

    “I wanted to date a white man because I wanted white children” “Laura Towler is an editor and writer with Defend Europa.”

    “Patriotic Alternative (PA) is a British far-right white nationalist group which states that it has active branches nationwide. Its stance has been variously described as antisemitic, Islamophobic, fascist and racist”

    Leader Mark Collett
    Deputy leader Laura Tyrie (pseudonym Laura Towler)

    “Neo Nazi group Patriotic Alternative as their Yorkshire Regional Organiser Sam Melia and his wife Deputy Leader Laura Towler were arrested and held for five hours regarding racial hate speech, harassment, and public order offences.”

    “Mark Adrian Collett (/ˈkɒlɪt/; born October 1980) is a British neo-Nazi, anti-semitic conspiracy theorist and political activist.”

    7/2/20 “Towler’s anti-immigration organization, Patriotic Alternative, claims to stand up for “the interests of the indigenous people of these islands.”” “trying to build a nationalist community in Britain.”

    “”I am a big fan of NordVPN, I have been using it for about six months,” Towler said in a video on June 14. “It allows me to remain untraceable when I am on the internet so the people who don’t like me, and that number is increasing, can’t find me.””

    2nd March 2020 “the Yorkshire Patriots and the English Defence League were still active in the region” “data is showing is there has been a small but growing increase in people not just holding more intolerant views but also in their ideas of violence as well.”

    ““Draconian censorship” on Youtube”

    COVID 19
    “Well, this is a respiratory virus spread probably by aerosol the way other viruses like this are spread. Unless we’re literally going to isolate everyone and put them all in bubbles, and we’re not going to prevent literally the spread of the virus.” “But all the social signals tell you, okay, you need to believe this”

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