2 thoughts on “Jeffrey Epstein Speaking Footage

  1. Israel, “most important ally of the USA”. Isis, created by american people. American really love pedophiles and nastiest terrorists they can find on earth. Disgusting people. American are completely right that rest of the world has now become their enemy and we will be. Eventually american people will pay back for their crimes decades and decades. You should have thought about it in advance. There will be nothing left of american people financially, as you will be paying for the horrible crimes that you have committed to everybody else.

  2. American people have never, ever had problems allying with the sickest people on the planet and they are completely proud about everything. Totally sick, disgusting and criminal people. They have always been fanatic supporters of Israel, Isis, terrible and sick war crimes.

    We will close out both Israel and american people away from civilization. American people arent even human. They are sick animals.

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