1 thought on “DAILY VIDEO: Cuba Raising

  1. Are people this stupid? I dont deny that there wouldnt be reasons to protest, but these colour revolutions, every time, are just operations of the american-zionist war machine. Its the american people who have all along starved cuban, iraqis, iranis, venezuelan etc. They themselves cause the problem and then they bring in the solution, complete hell. Somebody should explain cuban that what ever they have now, american people will bring them hundred times worse hell and everybody knows that.

    Stop starving, mass murdering, stealing and interfering in every country in the world american. Not that you care, I know that. You are very sick and criminal people that will face justice when the american-zionist empire falls in matter of years. Did you think that your enemies around the world will forgive you after that? After everything your people did to them?

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