Free speech July 7, 2021


Ghislaine Maxwell grows up privileged before meeting Jeffrey Epstein: Part 1 The daughter of a billionaire media mogul, she was given jobs in her father’s businesses, including a soccer team and newspapers he owned.




Ghislaine Maxwell’s father implicated in pension fund scandal after his death: Part 2 Robert Maxwell died during a yacht trip near the Canary Islands. His son, Ian Maxwell, said his father’s businesses “collapsed” after millions were found missing from employees’ retirement funds.



Ghislaine Maxwell meets Jeffrey Epstein after father’s death: Part 3 Maxwell met Epstein, a wealthy financier, and they started dating. They were both seen socializing with powerful figures, including Pres. Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.



Annie Farmer allegedly lured to Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico ranch: Part 4 Farmer publicly identified herself as one of the underage victims in the criminal complaint against Maxwell. Maxwell has denied the allegations of grooming and inappropriately touching her.




2 women allege Ghislaine’s Maxwell lured them to Jeffrey Epstein: Part 5 Chauntae Davies and Teresa Helm were training to become masseuses when they claim Maxwell brought them to Epstein. Maxwell has denied any wrongdoing.