1 thought on “Charles Murray: The Coming Backlash

  1. Hitler and nazis blablablabla. How can you keep talking about Hitler, when in fact american people are far worse than Hitler could ever have been? I understand that american people never see anything wrong about what they have been doing, which I perfectly get, but Hitler didnt get anywhere near what criminal and sick american people have been doing for decades and decades.

    There will be also a backlash to american people when their criminal empire falls down, when the FED and the american war machine goes down. Many nations will start to take justice and american people will be paying for their crimes.

    Do not talk about “Hitler” and the nazis, if your own people are far worse people than german could have ever been, which they werent. German were very fine, nice people that criminal american destroyed and corrupted.

    If you start oppressing white people, attacking them and hunting them like animals, be very assured that many white people will respond and many things will change. Do not think that we are going back to “the old times” after that.

    We all have our ancestral homes and white people will be taking their homes back that belong to them.

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