3 thoughts on “Remember USS Liberty

  1. Eventually when the criminal american empire will fall in matter of years, they will start to pay back everything they have and work for others for decades and decades to come. They will become slave nation of their old victims.

    American people will be sucked dry of everything they have, until all of their crimes have been paid with interests.

    Didnt american people never think that eventually they will get a Bill for their crimes? Did they really think that they can do that, just walk away and other nations will forget the crimes of american people? How stupid and arrogant these people really are?

    American people only have enemies in this world. People of Finland will fight back our american enemy until we have been liberated from the sick american disease. We will also put allies of american people to camps, pedophile agents of Mossad. I can imagine the outcry of american people, when their dear allies are put to camps. Pedophile agents of Mossad are so dear to the american people.

  2. No empathy what so ever from enemies of american people. Ha ha. We non-american take great joy from talking about all the legs being blown off when our american enemy comes to attack our countries and parasite off our backs. Thats the only thing american people know how to do, steal, lie and parasite off others.

  3. The suffering when we laugh at american soldiers getting killed and being blown off. Priceless.

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