4 thoughts on “DAILY MEME

  1. Good question. Radical extremist jews are not welcome to Finland. American people would nuke Finland if they would know how much finnish people hate Israel and radical extremist jews.

  2. Who are these radical extremist jews that you are not allowed to question and criticize and who immidiately destroy you if you do? How on earth we let radical extremist jews rule over us? Sick.

  3. Besides other sick things, why are american people totally ok with sucking baby penis and cutting penises? Totally sick people.

  4. American people are quickly finding out that every other nation has become their enemy and its a good thing, being totally healthy behavior. They are not welcome to our countries and we will eventually fight them out of our countries, after which american people will start to pay compensations for decades of crimes that they have done. Havent they never thought that eventually they will start to pay for their crimes to other people? Did they really think that they can just be complete sick criminals and just get away with it, as if nothing happened? There will be nothing left in american pockets for decades to come and they will compensate with everything they have and by working for their victims for free. Thats how american themselves have parasited their living standards out of other people.

    What they have got is just because of decades of parasiting out of other peoples backs, stealing and spying what others have, as well as getting immigration. American people themselves arent able to do anything. As soon as other nations close their borders and kick put our american enemy, american are completely done as people, because parasiting is the only thing they can and know how to do.

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