3 thoughts on “Defend Biden on this. I dare you.

  1. White women absolutely love pedophile Joe Biden, who cant keep his hands and nose off little children. Proves how mentally sick white women are and how you shouldnt trust them. They also want borders open, islamists, jihadists, cultural marxism etc.

  2. White women prove how incapable they are to decide for themselves for supporting BLM, wokism, corona hysteria, police state, multiculturalism and pedophile Joe Biden. White women are clearly incapable of deciding everything for rest of us and they shouldnt have the right to vote and decide earthly manners.

  3. Eventually womens right to vote will be taken back. Suprisingly, islamists and jihadists are right about one thing, women are less capable and stupid, who shouldnt be trusted and taken as equal to a man. Women love this openly pedophile man and they are totally fine with it and what he does with children.

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