Marco de Wit June 18, 2021
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Part III


Jewish Geopolitical Master Plan

Part IV




This is draft 1.3 of part IV


After First World War the Wasps ruled the world through the American and British Empires. Rockefellers and Jews were the junior partners of this ruling elite. The Rockefellers were allowed to largely control the oil markets and the Jews were allowed to retain a large role both in banking and media. Jews were also allowed to mass-immigrate to Palestine.

Most importantly the Wasps dominated both the Bank of England and the FED. The personal money machine of the ruling elite could now be operated much faster. Even more money could now be printed out of nothing. However, it had a price: The business cycle became ever more violent. The enormous increase of money during the WWI had disrupted the economy and created a post-war economic depression. In America the depression hit violently in 1921 just after the war economy and price controls had been dismantled. The good news was that the depression hit so fast that the politicians and bureaucrats did not have time to create new regulations. Wages and prices dropped, economy adjusted and the depression was over in a year.




The depression in Europe was much worse because there the socialist ideas were more widespread. Especially Germany tried to get out of the depression by both regulating economy and creating new money. The consequence was a hyperinflation and near destruction of the German Mark and the economy. However, this was beneficial for the ruling elite. They could practically buy the whole German industry with their relatively stronger dollars and pounds. The Rockefellers bought up or helped cartellize the German chemical industry while the Jews bought mainly banks and newspapers. This made Jews very powerful in Germany and made it possible for them to create the first cultural revolution. Germany became the New Babylon.




The post-war depression was worst in Russia where the free market had been totally destroyed by full communism during the Russian Civil War. Communists had even tried to get rid of money altogether. The economy was in such free-fall that Lenin had no other choice but to return to market economy with his New Economic Politics, Novaja Economica Politica. This suited well the Trotsky’s Jewish banker relatives who though that they could now rule the Soviet economy. However, Lenin and especially Stalin did not trust the Jews. So they decided to make an alliance with the Rockefellers by joining the international oil cartel. The Soviet Union became an economic colony of the Rockefellers and the Jews.




The Wasps were shaken by the post-war depression. Especially the American depression had hit too close to home. The Wasps realized that there was too much competition between national money machines. If one country inflated more than the other countries then the whole banking system might collapse. The competition between central banks had to be stopped. Thus the ruling elite wanted to create a World Central Bank that would form as the nucleus of World Government together with the League of Nations and the Council of Foreign Relations. However, nationalism was still too strong. World government was not yet possible so the Wasps needed to control all other central banks. This was achieved with basterized gold standard, the Gold Exchange Standard. It forced all other countries to use excess pounds and dollars as their reserve currency. This monetary imperialism allowed the BE and FED to create money out of nothing without losing its value because other countries were forced to inflate in tandem and thus guarantee the purchase of the newly created pounds and dollars.

The Wasps were now close to fulfilling their dream: Control of money, economy and world politics. However, there was one still one problem. The economy of England was badly shattered by the war and the Wasp elite was increasing the quantity of money faster than America and many other nations. Gold was flowing out of Britain to America. The value of pounds threatened to crash. So America and other countries had to help Britain by further increasing their money supply in tandem with Britain. This created artificial global boom and the roaring 20’s started.

The Wasps were now at the height of their power. The British and American empires ruled the world and the new money created by the BE and FED propped up especially the Wasp businesses. The Wasps wanted to make sure that they would continue to rule the world and so they became alarmed by the increasing power of the Jews. They not only largely controlled Germany and Russia but also had started a cultural revolution in Britain and America that threatened the power of Wasps. In America the Jews obviously had created an alliance of minorities and “outsiders” against the Wasps. This alliance consisted of the Jews, Irish, Italians, Mormons, Mexicans, liberal women and sexual minorities. This Jewish led minority alliance was becoming ever stronger because of mass immigration. So the Wasps decided to close the borders with the immigration act of 1924.

The Wasps also created a cultural counter-revolution during the 20’s. Wasp controlled Ivy League universities such as Harvard started creating quotas for the Jews. Universities also started to support eugenics and racial studies. America was now increasingly portrayed not as a melting pot but as a racial Wasp nation. Alcohol prohibition was also strongly supported by the Wasps because it mostly affected the minorities such as Jews and Italians who considered wine and beer natural components of dinner. The cultural and racial coalesced. The highly racist and puritan Klu Klux Klan was at the height of its power in the 20’s. Even the Jewish Hollywood had to start censoring their ever raunchier movies. Soon this White counter-revolution also started to spread to Europe. Especially the Jews were considered dangerous aliens who tended to support socialism and cultural revolution. The Red Scare was largely an euphemism for Jew Scare.

Jews still controlled Russia and Germany but they were in retreat even there. In Russia Stalin had managed to wrestle power from Lenin who had turned against Stalin but then suddenly died. This coup was probably made easier by the Putin family which had largely run Lenin’s household. Officially Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin was Lenin’s cook. After Lenin’s death Putin became Stalin’s trusted cook. Obviously Stalin greatly trusted the Putin family. They might even have been involved in the death of Lenin.

Stalin supported the idea of socialism in one country while the Jewish Trotsky wanted world revolution that would spread communism to all other countries. Naturally the Rockefellers and Wasps supported Stalin against Trotsky and helped to rebuild the Russian economy in the 20’s. Finally in 1929 Stalin managed to expel Trotsky from Russia. Stalin was now the paramount leader though the Jews still had considerable power in Russia.

The situation developed similarly in Germany. After the war and especially the hyperinflation the Jews largely controlled the economy and the culture of Germany. However, they had become too greedy and had moved too fast by making Berlin the New Babylon. No nation would accept such total and sudden economic and cultural dominance by a hostile Jewish elite. With the help of the Wasps and the Rockefellers the German nationalists organized and created conservative parties that started to limit the power of the Jews. The Wasps and Rockefellers especially supported the German military intelligence led by Luddendorf who together with Hitler tried to grab power. They failed and so the Jews still remained very powerful in Germany.

Despite losing their grip on Russia and Germany the Wasps ruled the rest of the world in the 20’s. They were at the height of their power. They now largely dominated not only the world economy and politics but also Western culture. Whites were openly supremacists and often hostile against the Jews and other minorities. Their white colonial empires practically controlled the whole world. But then disaster struck: In 1929 the stock market collapsed in what was to be known as the Black Friday.

The stock market collapse was inevitable because the enormous increase in the quantity of money had distorted the price signals that coordinate production and the economy. Despite this the depression would have been over in a year if prices had been allowed to find their natural level just like in America in 1921. However, this was not an option because that could have toppled many Wasp business empires. So the American president Herbert Hoover decided to freeze the economy by manipulating prices and wages which were not allowed to fall with the fall in production. Only working time was cut. In practice this meant that real hourly wages were increased when production was decreasing. Naturally this led to mass-unemployment. To make matters worse tariffs were increased in America and many other countries. Depression spread all over the world.

The Wasps naturally denied that they had caused the depression. The Fed was not to blame but unscrupulous speculators. This scapegoating worked surprisingly well and the Fed and Wasps were saved from the wrath of the people. The Wasps decided to cement their power by using the depression to destroy both Jews and communism. The government and the FED helped the Wasp businesses while at the same time painting Jews, Rockefellers and their minority allies as dangerous greedy speculators. The Wasps correctly pointed out that these Jew led minorities did not respect the alcohol prohibition but instead were involved in mafia.

Paradoxically the depression had made the Wasps even more powerful in America. Now they wanted to totally take over the world. First they supported Stalin in his takeover of Russia. Soon Stalin purged all potential opposition. Much of this opposition had consisted of Jewish supporters of Trotsky but many Jews saw the writing on the wall and sided with Stalin. So there was no total purge of Jews. They just became the junior partners of the ruling communist elite. The communist Jews were also happy to ally with Stalin in the destruction of Ukrainian nationalism with the Holodomor. The ruling elite and thus the Western press did not mind this because Stalin was their man. He had stopped communist revolutions and made Russia an economic colony of the West.

The same process took place also in Germany. The Wasps together with the Rockefellers turned against the Jews by financing the Nazi Party. The Wasps and Rockefellers helped Hitler take power and totally destroy the communists and socialists. In the first few years Hitler was just a front for the Wasp ruling elite. This is why he never dreamed of attacking Britain but instead wanted peace. It is also why he did not touch the banking system but let Hjalmar Schacht continue as the director of German central bank, the Bundesbank. Instead of socializing industry Hitler privatized many government businesses and properties. However, at the same time Hitler made sure that there would be no free market. The businesses should be private but they could not set their prices freely. Price regulation made sure that small businesses would not threaten Big Business. In this way the whole economy was cartellized and run by German Big Business who were intimately connected with the British and American Big Business run by the Wasps and Rockefellers.

In practice Germany became a colony of the West just like Russia. Hitler accepted this because he thought that the Wasps would later allow Germany to invade the Soviet Union and annex large parts of Poland, Russia and especially Ukraine. German nationalists and especially Hitler never wanted to conquer the world. Hitler would have been perfectly satisfied with the Wasp world supremacy if he would just have some Lebensraum and an economically self-sufficient Greater Germany. This is what the Kaiser had wanted and what the majority of the Germans wanted. For a time it even looked like the Wasps would have accepted this deal. The go-between between Hitler and the Wasps was Herman Göring and Rudolf Hess who therefore became “untouchable” right hand men of Hitler.

All countries of the world – including Russia and Germany – were now finally controlled by the Wasps. The Jews were in desperate straits. At this crucial time they had only one chance: Bribing. This is how they managed to make Winston Churchill their ally. Churchill’s parents had been largely financed by the Jews so during his early career he was a protege of the Jews. Churchill was very Jew-friendly especially because the Jews also strongly supported imperialism and especially the Boer war. However, Churchill still turned against the Jews in 1905 because the alliance with Russia against Germany was just too good an offer to refuse. During the First World War Churchill tried to desperately help the Russians with his Dardanelles campaigns. He was also enraged to notice how the Jews were actively helping the Central Powers including Turkey. He became even more enraged when Germans and Jews helped the Bolsheviks to take over Russia and massacred the Tsar and his family. This is why after the war he wrote his famous and highly critical article about the revolutionary Jews. However, during Black Friday Churchill had lost his fortune and was in danger of losing his home. It was at this time that the Jews proposed a new alliance for Churchill. They would help pay his debts in exchange for more Jew-friendly politics. Churchill agreed to gradually change his politics though he never became totally dependent on the Jews. However, being their semi-proxy took a toll on Churchill who gradually became an alcoholic.

Getting Churchill on their side did not at first help the Jews much. After all, in the 1930s Churchill had no real political power and most of the Wasp elite was very anti-Jewish. But then the Jews found another ally: Franklin Delano Roosevelt had become president about the same time Hitler had grabbed power in Germany. At first it looked like Roosevelt was a lost cause. After all, he was a pure Wasp especially from his maternal Delano part. However, despite their Wasp lineage the Delanos and Roosevelts had partly allied themselves with the Rockefellers. Roosevelt had been a true compromise candidate with ties to Wasps, Rockefellers and Jews.

Now all the Jews had to do was to ally with Rockefellers against Wasps and gradually gain control of the president. This was easier said than done because the Rockefellers were their own men with their own interests. The Rockefellers had also turned increasingly anti-Jewish. They even strongly supported Hitler because he allowed the Rockefellers to largely run the German chemical industry. But the Rockefellers hated the Wasps even more than the Jews. Gradually the Rockefellers and Jews made an alliance and took control of the American Democratic party. This was made easier by the fact that Jews had many minority allies such as the Irish and the Italians who had been running the mafia together with the Jews.

It did not take long for the Roosevelt administration to start an all-out attack against the Wasps. Of course this was done in the name of fighting against cartels. It just happened that only Wasp dominated parts of Big Business were attacked.




The Wasps were enraged. So in 1934 J.P. Morgan Jr.’s right hand man Thomas W. Lamont hatched the Business Plot by proposing to General Smedley Butler that he would organize a military coup. The idea was to raise the “real original Americans” against the Jews and other minorities. Butler would not go along with the plot but it still achieved its purpose. The Rockefellers and the Jews realized that if they push too much the Wasps would really take power by force. Wasp Fascism was a real possibility especially since Lamont had already helped Mussolini become the dictator of Italy. Fascist coup was possible also in America especially since minorities were still too weak to resist.
The Rockefellers became peacemakers. Their power was now so secure that they did not benefit much from further fighting anyway.

Furthermore, they were in the envious position that they could play the Wasps and the Jews against each other. In this way the Rockefellers could gradually become the senior or at least equal partners with the Wasps.

By 1936 the situation in the ruling elite had stabilized. The Wasps still ruled the world but now together with the Rockefellers. However, the Jews were very unsatisfied. They had been demoted and were now only the distant junior members of the ruling elite. However, they still largely controlled the media in the West. Together with Churchill they were doing everything in their power to turn the West against “anti-Semites” and especially against Hitler. This naturally scared Hitler who now decided to break the pact with the Wasps and go independent. In 1936 he took over the Bundesbank and started to prepare for autarky and war. Hitler clearly planned to cut out the bankers and start printing money.

The Wasps were outraged because now not only the gold exchange standard but also fractional reserve banking itself was in danger. Hitler tried to sooth the Wasps by explaining that the deal was still in force. He would not threaten the Wasp and their money machine but just wanted Lebensraum in east by destroying the home of Communism, the Soviet Union. The Wasp and Rockefeller controlled Big Business would not be threatened in any way but instead favored in Germany. The Wasp elite was not convinced and some joined Churchill in opposing Germany. However, most of the Wasp elite still did not want war with Hitler’s Germany and decided to appease him. Furthermore, they did not mind if Germany would destroy the Soviet Union.

The Rockefellers had a different view. On the one hand they were happy that their chemical cartels and other businesses became even stronger in Germany. On the other hand they did not want the Soviet Union destroyed since they had great business there too and Stalin was a good and faithful ally. So the Rockefellers again became peacemakers. They explained that Hitler and Stalin were actually on the same side and should be friends. They should divide Eastern Europe between themselves. This led to the Ribbentrob-Molotov Pact and soon to the Second World War.







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1 thought on “Jewish Geopolitical Master Plan. Part IV: 1920-1939

  1. American people have always fought on the side of Satan and pure evil and nobody can deny that. They will be forever enemies of finnish people and Finland and we will drive out our american enemy that now occupies both Germany and Finland. When the american empire collapses, american will start to pay back for the crimes they have committed for decades. These are very sick and criminal people, that always ally with the sickest people on the planet.

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