Free speech June 18, 2021


Joe Biden has made another on-stage blunder – telling the crowd he has been the president of the United States for “about 15 months” when it’s been around five.

President Biden was speaking about the COVID-19 response and vaccinations in Washington DC when he made the mistake. “Since January 20, and we’re talking now about 15 months ago, the average daily cases are down from 184,000 to 19,000,” he said.








1 thought on “Biden blunders again, thinks he’s been president for ’15 months’

  1. Joe Biden is a senile psychopath loose cannon that is sexually interested in children that can accidentally start a global war and geopolitical conflicts just by mumbling and accidentally staying something at any given time.

    Bt the way, it was women who voted for openly pedophile Joe Biden and its women who support open borders, islamists and jihadists etc.

    Apparenrly there are a lot of women who support pedophilia, as they know Joe Biden is doing it.

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