5 thoughts on “An American convoy made a “wrong turn”

  1. When the american-zionist empire and the american war machine falls in few years, we will destroy our american enemy. They will pay back for decades of crimes. They are a parasite nation that can only parasite off other people. They are incapable of doing anything else than parasiting off others.

  2. American are just disgusting, sick people, that have always fought with the side of Satan and pure evil. Not that they care. They are even proud to be very sick, criminal people, who have done decades of war crimes, interfered with everybodys elections and politics. Absolutely disgusting, criminal people.

  3. We can fight back our criminal american enemy and we will. They call terrorists everybody who doesnt submit to them and to Israel and accept the US dollar. What a complete joke. They are making real fools out of themselves and they will pay a big price for it. In few years they will start to realize that nobody wants our american enemy and they have only enemies in this world. For a very long time american people will be paying for all of their crimes when their criminal empire inevitably falls and they know that their empire is going to fall.

    Everybody will remember american as people of Satan, who only parasited of everybody else and that was all that they knew how to do. As soon as american people cant parasite off others, they fall down and theres nothing else they know how to do.

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