Marco de Wit June 4, 2021



WTF Happened To This Movie? – The JoBlo series that looks at troubled productions, curious creative decisions, box-office failures, surprising successes, and cult favorites!

Mike Judge found massive success with his “Beavis and Butt-Head” TV series, but the transition to live-action proved far more difficult. After the box office failure of OFFICE SPACE in 1999, Judge’s next effort IDIOCRACY fared even worse in 2006, with the studio practically burying his movie. But in the years since, the social satire found a cult following and became part of the pop culture landscape with its depiction of a moronic future.

Mutilate your thirst and find out “WTF Happened to IDIOCRACY!”






1 thought on “WTF Happened to Idiocracy?

  1. Hollywood controlled by many jews buries good films and gives us sick garbage that degenerates us. The more the better.

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