2 thoughts on “DAILY MEME

  1. American people will always be enemies of finnish people. We will fight against the american-zionist occupation until the end. American enemy soldiers will be handled. Nobody cares about american people. They are now finding out that they only have enemies in this world and they are right. We are enemies of american people and we are in a war.

  2. American people call us terrorists who oppose our american enemy with armed resistance. You can call us what ever you want really. A terrorist is just a badge of honour to enemies of the american people. To you all people who do not give their freedom, money and oil to you are terrorists. Calling a person terrorist doesnt mean anything anymore. You american used it so long that it lost its meaning and we are proud to be called as terrorists. It means we are fighting back pure evil. American people have always fought on the side of pure evil and Satan.

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