Free speech May 24, 2021


Ron Paul Liberty Report:

The Fed, politicians and their crony corporate friends persistently manipulate the dollar and U.S. economy to their advantage, at the expense of everyone else. Prices are meant to relay economic truth to everyone. Instead, because of Fed and government interventions, prices relay lies. Ultimately, economic distortions become so intense that the entire economic house of cards comes tumbling down.




2 thoughts on “Ron Paul: The Fed Is Ruining The Dollar!

  1. American people are just most disgusting and criminal people in the world. And they act like they are so liberating and so good people. Makes everybody sick of them. They will get the short end of a stick very soon when the american-zionist empire will collapse and they will see that they have only enemies in the world. People in Finland will one day be liberated from american-zionist occupation by resistance movement.

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