Free speech May 20, 2021


Jake Tran:

Back in April 2019, the greatest stock trade in the history of the world was completed: MacKenzie Scott bought Amazon stock in 1993 – an entire year before the company was founded and sold in 2019, twenty-six years later for a staggering $35 billion in profit. But instead of buying and selling Amazon stock – it was through marrying Jeff Bezos (without a prenup) – and divorcing Jeff Bezos.

Then there’s poor ol’ Elon – who didn’t go through just one pricey divorce – but three! The first was with Justine Musk. Elon had to pay at least $4 million dollars in legal and accounting fees, which comes out to $170,000 per month. Then came his second marriage with actress Talulah Riley.

They divorced in 2012, leaving Riley with $4.2 million dollars. Then they made up, got married again and then divorced again a year later, leaving Riley with a much more respectable $16 million.

Which brings us to Bill and Melinda Gates. Bill married Melinda on a Hawaiian Island around the same time as Bezos in 1994. Twenty-seven years later in 2021, they file for divorce and are still working out how much of the $130 billion dollar empire Melinda is gonna get. Bill has already given her $2.4 billion dollars worth of shares.