Free speech May 12, 2021


First draft


Chapter I. Laws of action



History has only begun. The mankind is stepping out of its caves. Liberty has been finally found and understood.

The system of liberty has been understood at the last moment just when the White race is starting to loose both its mind and its will to live. Dysgenics is destroying its intelligence and the hostile elite is speeding up the process. The Whites are targets of extermination. Thus will the mankind be pushed into a true Dark Age unless a few heroes will save us all.

The key that can save mankind is praxeology. It makes rationalism whole again. It makes it possible to build all sciences from axiom of human action. From micro follows macro in an easy to understand steps from philosophy through hard sciences to the propertarian system of liberty. No more are sciences and ideologies reserved to a esoteric few but to all intelligent laymen. Thus this books presents nothing new or complicated. It just explicates the basic truths of rationalism by joining the Radical Austrian school with praxeology and sociobiology. It unites them into a coherent Rationalist Grand System.

Truth is dangerous for the ruling elite. Thus this book is illegal in most countries. It is also beyond the pale for most people because it shows the fraudulent nature of three holy cows: The state, democracy and the Jewish elite. This combination of libertarian anarchism and “anti-Semitism” is considered such a dangerous combination for the ruling elite that it has been demonized as insanity. You are insane if you think that the Emperor has no clothes at all.

Both the left and right have been brainwashed to see that the Emperor has clothes. They all accept the cancer of history, the state. Even the extreme left and the extreme right have been brainwashed. Neither will touch this book. Extreme left because it exposes the relationship with the state and the Jewish elite. Extreme right because it exposes their beloved state itself. Thus this book is written for the young who have not yet been completely brainwashed and corrupted.

The young must understand that their instincts are correct. Not only is the state evil but it has made virtually the whole society insane. There are no adults anywhere. Least of all in universities and academia. Understanding this might make you feel lonely and your future hopeless. You really are living in an asylum and you too really are close to losing your mind. But the situation is not hopeless. First, truth is powerful. By understanding the laws of action and interaction you gain a better understanding and control of your own life. Understanding the laws of human action is just as useful than understanding the laws of nature. Even if you do not dare to spread the truth and fight for liberty you can still greatly benefit from truth in your personal life.

Second, a few people are enough to save the world. You personally really can save the world. A couple of sane men in an asylum can save all the patients. They can help even those who are incurably insane. The very fact that society is based on illusions and Ponzi schemes makes it relatively easy to save the society. Not by convincing the insane and the brainwashed to abandon their statist illusions but by seceding from statism. After all, the state is a parasite that feeds off the rational and productive activities. There is still a separate civil society you can join and even dominate with the help of only a few other sane persons.

Three sane and hard-working persons can easily create a prosperous company and openly or secretly support rationalist institutes and political parties. The network of these institutes (theory), companies (finance) and parties (practice) can then be ready when the inevitable ever worsening social crisis and economic depressions make it possible to crush statism and the power of the ruling elite. This book will explain not only the theoretical basis of rationalism but also how you personally can first secede and then save the world. It is not difficult. All you need is some common sense and little courage.

It is truly up to you!