Free speech May 11, 2021



Doug Casey: “It’s the 5th chance in about 50 years to load up on gold stocks for a spectacular run.” In this interview Doug Casey and Jay Martin Discuss: Until recently most companies have been below cost production.

In Doug’s words, “It’s metaphysically impossible for everything to be over-priced but actually everything is overpriced with the exception of the raw materials of civilization which is to say commodities. I’m bullish on commodities in general, that’s the argument in a nutshell.”

Gold miners are making a lot of money now but the stocks are lagging, they’ve gone nowhere. The reason is the people that manage stocks/the big mutual funds of which they aren’t any that do gold stocks anymore have all gone out of business.

The next bubble is going to be in gold stocks. Doug is bullish on oil prices at this point and bullish on small Canadian oil companies. He’s invested in the copper/nickel space.

What commodities stand out as the top performs this year. His two largest positions are Metalla Royalty and Nova Royalty. There are only a dozen royalty companies involved in metals but royalties are the safest and in some ways some of the high potential ways to play the whole market. There will be more royalty companies popping up. He is a super bull on uranium, for as cheap as it is and all kinds of economic reasons.