5 thoughts on “Jewish Donors in Elections

  1. Israel is an enemy of Finland and in the end God will win Israel in our holy war. We finnish christian have quite a different view of Israel than american heretics. Israel is an enemy of real christian.

  2. We will not forget elite extremist jews this time. Thats all I have to say. They have written history until now, but not any longer. We will remember them now and they know it. Its why they are going after us.

  3. “We are so opressed. Rememember the 6 million. Remember the 6 million. We are so opressed. We didnt do anything. Remember the ovens. What ever we do, just remember the ovens and keep ovens in your mind. People just hate us elite extremist jews.”

    1. Historian sykleissä osat vuoroin vaihtuvat mutta meno jatkuu samanlaisena kuin ennenkin.

      – Oli päivä, jolloin juutalaiset merkattiin selvästi ulospäin näkyvällä tunnuksella, Dааvidin tähdellä.
      – Nyt on päivä, jolloin on juutаlаistеn vuoro merkata väärän sukuhaaran, väärän rodun edustajat selvästi ulospäin näkyvällä tunnuksella, kasvomaskilla.

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