3 thoughts on “Berlin in Color in 1936 Before Olympics

  1. Few years before our american enemy came to Europe and brought the american disease with them. We will get american out from Europe in way or an other and become free from the decay and disease that they bring to everywhere where they go. There is nothing useful american have ever given or can give to the world. Only their mental disease that they call their culture, war, destruction, drug trade, human trade, arms trade. These people are a parasite nation that exists from parasiting off other nations.

  2. People in Europe now know that the Holohoax was a big scam invented by our american enemy. People know the truth now. It was just a big scam like everything about the american people has been.

  3. American will always be enemies of european people until we have free from occupation of our american enemy, one american enemy soldiers leg and hand at a time.

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