Marco de Wit April 22, 2021


The separate articles will be rewritten and joined into a book. Here is the table of contents and link to the first drafts of the separate articles.



The Rationalist Liberty Manifesto

The Parasite Theory of History




I Laws of reasoning

Axiom of action
1. Apriorism
2. Praxeology
3. Epistemological dualism
4. Methodological trinity

Laws of logic
1. Protophysics

Laws of nature
1. Physics
2. Sociobiology

Laws of action
1. The law of value maximization
2. The law of marginal utility
3. The law of supply and the law of demand
4. The law of returns
5. The law of positive time preference
6. The law of profit maximization


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II Laws of interaction 

Methodological individualism
1. Robinson Crusoe economics
2. Three categories of interaction

3. Communism
3.1. Common pool
3.2. Physical conflicts
3.3. Psychological conflicts

4. Propertarianism
4.1. The law of supply and demand
4.2. Gifts, barter, money and banking
4.3. The natural elite

5. Interventionism
5.1. The law of aggressive demand and resistant supply
5.2. The expropriation ratio
5.3. Negative invisible hand
5.4. War
5.5. Slavery


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III The state 

1. Original sin: Judicial monopoly
2. Unnatural elite becomes ruling elite

3. State invades territory 
4. Class justice starts
5. Class consciousness forms
6. Brainwashing false consciousness

7. Aristocratic anarchy decentralizes
8. Monarchist serfdom centralizes
9. Free towns decentralize
10. Imperialist absolutism centralizes
11. Interregnum decentralizes
12. Monetary imperialism centralizes
13. Secessionism decentralizes
14. Anacyclosis


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IV History
1. The praxeological theory of history
2. The parasite theory of statist history
3. The six stages, four crossroads and the spiral of history
4. The Jewish problem


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V. Sociology
1. The rule of U$Srael
2. Personal secession
3. Economic secession
4. Political secession
5. Holy alliance


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Book coming soon!








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