1 thought on “Katie Hopkins: Grassroots Patriots are the very best kind of people

  1. Americans are also sick and criminal psychopaths and war criminals, so is there any difference? When WW2 was over, they brought the american disease, their sick culture to Europe and what you see now in Germany and Finland is because of them. They have always fought on the side of pure evil, with most sickening possible people as their allies, like Israel, Isis, pedophile war lords of Afganistan. In Vietnam they dropped Agent Orange and millions of mines on vietnamese, ruthlessly torturing them, like they do now. These people do not have any feelings and moral what so ever. They are far worse than british ever were. Its bullshit that they deserved indepensendence because of british taxing. Look how disgusting american are themselves. They can be sure that its obvious that other countries have every right to send their enemy back in bodybags. They are the bad and evil of the world. They are the ones that we must fight back and we will.

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