Free speech April 20, 2021



The Marxian theory of history is almost correct. It just has the wrong value theory. Thus the praxeological-libertarian theory of history is correct one. Here it is:


Praxeological idealism argues that history is the result of both material conditions and ideas. The material conditions including biology and human genes are primary in the sense that they create a framework for ideas. However, the ideas can break out of the framework under special situations called major crossroads of history. At these crossroads ideas can change the systemic allocation of property rights which then changes the whole society and creates stages of history.


The first stage is foraging and it presents the first crossroad of history be making people choose between primitive communism and propertarianism. If propertarianism is chosen then three further stages of history develop spontaneously: First barter economy then money economy and finally banking economy.


If the idea of aggression becomes generally accepted then the course of history becomes cyclical by creating two additional stages of history: Foraging, barter, money, first imperial break-down, banking, the second imperial break-down. These imperial break-downs result from the periodic collapse of parasitism and create two crossroads where it is possible to restore propertarianism.





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