4 thoughts on “The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Nazi

  1. How can the american people and ******* just lie and massacre? They are literally like criminal devils. Nobody has yet put the american or ****** to justice, but after some years they will, when the american empire and war machine collapses. They will become a teeny weeny country and alot of american people will be receiving justice. The world is now and will be full of enemies of the american people, as they have enemies everywhere, including shoeing aggression and hostility towards Finland in the past decades. These people will be in justice and future generations will know what kind of hideous criminals american people were. Far, far worse than the british could ever be.

  2. Good people. Look at american, british and soviet zionists. Who is really the “nazi” here? Nurnberg 2.0 is coming for the USA, UK and Israel where legal justice will be served. Justice waits for the war criminals.

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