9 thoughts on “Finland gets destroyed in South Park. Why not Israel?

  1. ****** needs to be destroyed. With a nuke. Or at least we need to build a big wall around Israel and close Israel away from civilization forever. We cant let ****** destroy and attack us.

  2. ***** should be ****** to ******* to return world peace. Nothing good comes out of that shithole, only disgusting crimes and terrorists. We need to stop terrorists of ******* getting near humans.

  3. The United States needs to shoot ******** to ******* but they wont, because both are criminal terrorist states that love other terrorists and pedophiles. The more disgusting the group, the more american will love them, like ******, bolshevik communists, Isis, Al-Qaida. I forgot, they are literally the same thing! Never ever allow another ****** to be born! Huge mistake from humans.

  4. We must let Israel continue its war against arab states alone and stay away from war criminals and pedophiles.

  5. We must start to give heavy verdicts to Mossad pedophiles and get them out from Europe. Together we white people will succeed.

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