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1. The confederacy should have tried and gained recognition as a separate country by England or France before the war started.


2. Not taken the bait of attacking Fort Sumter. Lincoln needed the south to strike first so he could put down a rebellion. Lincoln’s opponents could have used his aggression against him because there was popular sentiment to “let the south go, good riddance”.


3. Had the south baited Lincoln to shoot first, England or France might have had their reason to get involved and the North wouldn’t have had a rallying/recruiting point to mobilize around.


4. Not embargo cotton and make Europe break the blockade. Prior to the opening of hostilities, the South embargoed cotton, trying to create a demand in Europe. They wanted Europe so desperate that there would be no question of aid. Europe did something the South didn’t expect. They settled for the lower quality cotton available from Africa.





1. Stayed on the defense. Had Lee not gone to Gettysburg but instead dispatched a relief force to Vicksburg, history might have favored the South. Warfare during the civil war favored the defender as the tactics did not match with the new weaponry for offense. Lee could have stayed on defense in the East and had the resources to save Vicksburg/stabilize the West. Doing so would have changed the war as Grant would not have had his victory that got him promoted, the Mississippi would still have been open to the CSA and Sherman wouldn’t have been setup to march to the sea. All of which could have led to Lincoln not winning re-election and a peace treaty.


2. After the first battle of Bull Run, Washington, D.C. was virtually unprotected. A Confederate force could have capture the city and, more importantly, captured Abraham Lincoln. Probably no other leader could have managed the Trent affair, persuaded the Border States, enlisted the cooperation of the opposing party, assembled the remarkable cabinet he had and gritted out the war to its conclusion. A Union without Lincoln at its helm would have been a much weaker opponent.


3. If Kentucky had remained neutral and not had been forced to request Union assistance to repel the Southern invasion, there would have been no Battles of Shiloh or of Corinth nor the later siege of Vicksburg. The only other chance they had after this was to avoid losing until the Union populace tired of the war to the point that the Northern governors would force the Lincoln administration to sue for peace. While the Confederates did a pretty good job of achieving this objective in the East until first Antietam and then Gettysburg, they failed miserably in this regards in the West where Bragg’s Army of Tennessee was defeated or pushed back by clever maneuvering of the Union armies until his single victory at Chickamauga, which occurred too late in the war to have any effect on the will of the Northern people.


4. Fought a Guerrilla war or practiced scorched earth before Sherman did it to them. Win like the US did in the American Revolution. Confederate military strategy should have been based upon the strategy the Americans used against the British in that war. Namely, a Fabian strategy should have been the modus operandi, avoiding battle where no strategic benefit could be achieved. If surrendering territory was necessary to do so, so be it. Recall that in the war for independence, the Americans lost both their political capital (Philadelphia) and had their largest city (New York) occupied for the bulk of the conflict.

The south could have kept fighting after Lee’s defeat and made occupation such a headache that the North gave up. They basically won the Peace after reconstruction doing a whole lot less and one just needs to look at how the US occupations have gone in recent years to get an idea of what it could have looked like at home in the US. Imagine terror attacks in northern cities and the occupied regions of the south with no way of stopping them. This was proposed by Nathan Forest and company but Lee opposed them and surrendered.


5. The south actually making the war about states rights and freeing/conscripting slaves into the army in return for freedom early on (the British did this in the American Revolution)


Lord Acton: How the Southern Confederacy could have won and saved civilization











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  1. Which “race” do you think benefited from getting north and south to go to war with each other in the first place? Who funded both north and south at the same time? Who benefited from the embargo of cotton and import of african cotton? Who owned the slaves that picked up the cotton? People are too cowards to study real history and they only read history written by the victors. Later on the american themselves wrote history as they pleased and covered up all the disgusting crimes they have done.

    American always say what the british did to them, but american became million times worse than the british ever could. Non-american have every right to send hostile american back in bodybags and wheelchairs. They are trying to get free from your disgusting and sick empire and they have every right to shoot and blow off legs of hostile forces. I salute these brave people for shooting at american troops and sending them back to the USA.

  2. Could the world had been a much better place if american would have just destroyed each other? There wouldnt be a criminal american empire that has illegal wars everwhere, controlling drug trade and production of drugs, controls child and human trafficking etc. They wouldnt be interfering politics of Europe. We would still have to deal with the Rothchilds though, but without the aid of the criminal american, we could be living in a much better place. We can still blockade the United States and Israel outside of civilization and move all american back to the United States, telling them that they will be treated as hostile entities as they should be.

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  5. Why were the american so retard that they freed the slaves? Whites didnt own slaves. It was your “greatest ally” that brought and owned slaves. Then you freed their slaves and now you have a civil war going on, fueled by your “greatest ally” that has video tapes of your top politicians and officials having sex with small children. Good job american, good job. Only a retard would free primitive slaves brought by a foreign tribe and let them stay in your country without sending them back to their homeland. Now you are paying for being retards and the real slave owners didnt pay. You paid for their slaves and let them stay at your expense forever.

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