4 thoughts on “Babylon Before Hitler

  1. Hitler almost saved the western civilization, until our enemy the american people came and brought the american disease with zionists. Where we are now is because of the american people. We will eventually get american out from Europe and we will be free once again, while american people will pay for their decades of sick crimes. World will be much better without the american and zionist among us.

  2. One american soldiers leg and arm at a time we will finally push our american enemy our from Europe and european nations can live healthily again without the american disease. Their occupation of Europe will cost them many mentally sick and criminal soldiers. These people have always fought on the side of pure evil, but this evil will be driven out from Europe soon.

  3. Can you guess what hostile elite was behind these sexual perversions and dominated the Weimar sex trade?

  4. Hitler almost saved the western-kind. We will not forget our american and british enemy in Europe.

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