Free speech April 8, 2021


Ron Paul:

A month after Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced an end to all coronavirus restrictions, covid numbers continue to crash in the state.


While Fauci was quick to attack Abbott’s move to open Texas, when asked this week why the doom he predicted did not come about he had no answer.


Also today: Baseball is back in Texas and vaccine passports are ruled out.



3 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Texas Covid Crashes – Fauci Dumbfounded

  1. Have american ever thought that as american people are enemies of every other country and we have been occupied and attacked by american for decades, nobody really cares about the american. Disgusting sick parasite nation that only exists by parasiting from host nations. Alone american are absolutely nothing.

  2. If the american people would know how unwelcome they are to come to Europe after being our enemies for decades.

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