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Globally increasing the quantity of money makes the business cycle even stronger and will lead to a global economic crash. Civil wars will create new White ethnostates unless the globalist alliance between elite Jews and minorities wins. If Whites win there will be peace and exponential economic growth. If not then statist democracy and multiculturalism leads to further dysgenics and the return of the the Malthusian trap.

[W]hereas under Malthusian conditions positive eugenic effects reign: the economically successful produce more surviving off spring and the population stock is thus gradually bettered (cognitively improved). Under post-Malthusian conditions the existence and the growth of the State produces a two-fold dysgenic effect, especially under democratic welfare-state conditions.14 For one, the “economically challenged,” as the principal “clients” of the welfare State, produce more surviving off spring, and the economically successful less.

Second, the steady growth of a parasitic State, made possible by a growing underlying economy, systematically affects the requirements of economic success. Economic success becomes increasingly dependent on politics and political talent, i.e., the talent of using the State to enrich oneself at others’ expense. In any case, the population stock becomes increasingly worse (as far as the cognitive requirements of prosperity and economic growth are concerned), rather than better. (Hans-Hermann Hoppe. Great Fiction. p. 82-83.)


To make matters worse it is not only the average IQs that are dropping fast but at the same time the number of spiteful mutants are fast increasing.

At the start of Industrial Revolution, child mortality was 40 percent, but now it’s only 1 percent. It is important to recognize that people who have deficiencies of the mind — depression, autism, etc. — tend also to have physical defects: allergies, physical abnormalities, poor immune system, and so on. Physical defects lead to high infant mortality, so the deficiencies of mind associated with them would have been expunged from the population every generation. These people wouldn’t have survived childhood or wouldn’t have survived to live very long and have children. About 88 percent of the genome concerns the mind, so it’s a massive target for mutation. High rates of infant mortality purged mutations that affect the mind.

Lower rates of infant mortality mean you’re going to get more and more people — what Woodley calls spiteful mutants — who exhibit spiteful mutations of the mind. They advocate things that would be washed out in harsher evolutionary conditions because they’d make you destroy yourself. They make you go against evolutionary imperatives. Examples would be encouraging childlessness in women, homosexuality — which is a reproductive dead end — and welcoming aliens into one’s territory who then become fierce competitors for resources. (Edward Dutton Interview)


The worst is that these spiteful mutants are very common among the higher classes and especially among the Jews because they have escaped Darwinian selection the most. It is not only that elite Jews are a hostile elite but that they are also becoming an insane elite. They are more and more acting against their own long-term interests for example by supporting extreme multiculturalism. This Jewish insane hostile elite then efficiently spreads these insane ideas making the whole society insane.

You’d expect the elite — and social class is accounted for 70 percent by genetics — to have more of these spiteful mutants, because their ancestors have probably been wealthier and been subject to Darwinian culling conditions for fewer generations than those whose ancestors were poor. And so you can see how these spiteful mutants can take control — over religion and over politics. These people would take over all institutions, and then they make the institutions maladaptive — they would make them go against evolutionary imperatives and so influence even non-mutants to be maladapted, by limiting their fertility, for example. … 

Elites advocate those things, and then, they cause those with whom they associate — even if the associates are not mutants — to express their own genes sub-optimally because we’re adapted to live in the company of people who are normal, not mutants. And the mutants will want to take over, as this will be adaptive for their group. (Edward Dutton Interview)






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  1. Its whites who bring prosperity and wealth, even to other people, but this will change in the future when white people take over again.

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