Free speech April 7, 2021


Bakunin probably would have been even more critical if he had known that Marx’s grandmother Nanette Baren-Cohen was the first cousin-in-law of the richest man in the world, Nathan Rothschild. In fact, Nanette was probably invited to the wedding of her cousin Hannah Baren-Cohen and Nathan Rothschild.


Perhaps this also explains why Marx never ever wrote anything negative about the Rothschilds.


It is also strange that Bakunin does not point that out. Did he know more about Marx than he revealed?





1 thought on “Bakunin on Jews

  1. Very interesting, but it seems like not so suprising of elite extremist radical jews. We will remember these elite jews. Nobody believes the “holohoax” anymore, so they had to invent the corona hysteria.

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